‘I Am Number Four’ succeeds in being trashy fun

By Chase Stevens ’12

Nine-foot tall aliens with superior technology are attacking Earth, and a super-powered mysterious person must defeat them and save mankind.

While this may be the plot of about a quarter of all modern movies, it is also the story behind “I Am Number Four.”

“I Am Number Four” is based off of a book of the same title. It tells the story of John Smith, played by Alex Pettyfer, who is the fourth of nine alien children blessed with superpowers from the destroyed planet of Lorien.

Bronco hoopsters receive Fiesta Region honors

By Ian C. Beck ’12

Coaches from all the teams in the 5A-1 basketball Fiesta region recently named two Broncos, senior center Sai Tummala ’11 and Rodrigo Furtado ’11, to the All-Fiesta Region basketball team.

The team is a compilation of the best players at each position for the Fiesta Region.

Tummala said that after not being named to the team last year, he wanted to prove his ability and show opponents the type of player he was.

Reciters rejoice in annual poetry contest

Students participate in judged poetry readings

By Josh Galvin ’13

The silence hung palpably in the Black Box Theatre; all eyes fell upon the seven finalists.

As the reciters strode up to the platform one by one, the words of Shakespeare and Hughes broke the deafening quiet.

The final round of this year’s Poetry Out Loud Feb. 9 showcased the best poetry performances Brophy had to offer.

Xavier Gator
By Michael Mandeville ’11 THE ROUNDUP Could I get your name for, you know, legal purposes? What legal purposes? Ugh, Katie Grinstead. We have a strict code here. What code? I’m unaware of any rules The Roundup is following, consider you— That’s confidential. Anyway, how’s your semester coming along? Pretty well, I’ve been keeping up with my work, maybe a little more than others seem to be. No, no, how’s…
Alumni athletes going strong in college, pros

Bronco alumni playing for ASU, USC, Stanford, Ivy League schools and Pittsburgh Pirates

By Ian C. Beck ’12 & Mason Smith ’11

The Brophy athletic program is more than the championship banners that fill the walls of Robson Gymnasium.

Over the years, Brophy has been producing high-caliber professional and collegiate athletes.

Brophy graduates include three NFL players, one NBA player, one professional soccer player, two Olympic swimmers and a professional golfer, according to the Brophy alumni office.

‘Selfless’ Brazilian finds second family with basketball team

Down with injury, Furtado impacts team from the bench

By Ian C. Beck ’12

When Jeff Coltin ’11 gives a nod to “everyone’s favorite Brazilian” on the daily announcements, there is no question in the minds of Brophy basketball fans as to whom he is referring.

It could only be Rodrigo Furtado ’11.

Furtado came to Brophy last year as an exchange student from Brazil.

Governor’s proposed budget cuts deep into higher education
See commentary by Colin Marston ’13 on the budget cuts in the April edition of The Roundup hitting newsstands soon By Eric Villanueva ’11 THE ROUNDUP Gov. Jan Brewer proposes to cut state funding for universities by 20 percent and to slash aid to community colleges almost in half to correct an $825 million budget deficit this year and a $1.4 billion predicted shortfall next year. All in all, the…
Crew team looks to build on strong fall season

By Julian De Ocampo ’13

They walk away from practice with aching bodies and calloused hands, but it’s a small price to pay for the experience that is crew.

Those on the crew team spend their time rowing across lakes in the fastest time possible.

Rowers said a crucial part of the experience of crew if the kinship that members feel.

“Crew is a sport that really promotes unity over individual achievement. The team comes first,” said Jackson Bentley ’13.

Wrestling team walks path to state

By Dillan Ducar ’13

Wrestling was first devised long ago to be a test of strength and mind between two people, providing a friendly and competitive way to settle differences or to just have fun.

The wrestling team, coached by Mr. Brad Frank and Mr. Jose Leyba ’94, takes part in this competitive experience in tournaments and matches weekly as well as during daily practice.

10 of the 12 varsity members who wrestled at sectionals were invited to state, a prestigious invitation for the most dedicated players.

Mr. Frank talks tactics, takedowns, tattoos

By Josh Galvin ’13

When one pictures a math teacher, a burly, tattooed man like Mr. Brad Frank typically does not come to mind.

“I got my first tattoo in college, when I was wrestling at ASU,” Mr. Frank said.

Mr. Frank is living proof that math can be applied in any field of work. As head wrestling coach and math teacher of five years, he said his contrasting roles on campus tie together.

“We utilize geometry in holds… (using) degrees and angles,” Mr. Frank said.