A voyage into the Brophy lunch experience

Take a look into the “crews” that make up Brophy’s lunch experience.
“A voyage into the Brophy lunch experience” is part of The Roundup’s 2010 multimedia project titled “The Soul of Brophy.”

A Man and His Movies: ‘Priest’ offers potential, falls short

By Ian C. Beck ’12

Vampires have been a hot topic in Hollywood over the last few years, but not this kind of vampires.

“Priest,” directed by Scott Stewart, pits a group of warrior priests against a horde of slimy, Golem-esque vampires.

These priests had been used as a human killing machine in a war with the vampires that left both races near extinction.

Alumni compete in Division I lacrosse playoffs

By Michael Moroney ’13

Pierce Bassett ’09 was a four-year varsity starting goalie for the Brophy lacrosse team and helped lead the team to two state championships in four appearances from 2006-2009.

After his four-year tenure as the Broncos’ goalie, Bassett accepted a scholarship to play lacrosse at Johns Hopkins University. He would join his former Brophy teammate Hunter Rodgers ’08.

Music & media factors of teenage depression, research says

By Colin M. Prenger ’11

In today’s technological age, media envelops us each and every day – but at what cost?

Texting, web surfing and listening to music are activities that are likely to cause depression in teens who do too much of it on a daily basis, experts say.

Students find passion in mixing music

By Dillan J. Ducar

In this audio interview The Roundup takes a look into two Brophy student’s musical lives.

In act one of this show, we introduce Austin Guerra ’13. Known as DJ Highlight when talking about his music, he is a student who has found love in mixing music.

Students debate Xavier, Brophy integration

By Colin Marston ’13

Brophy acts as an all-male institution but there are some instances of where boys from Brophy interact with Xavier girls.

There are many different classes that foster the integration of Xavier and Brophy classes, including the French department at Xavier, the Latin department at Brophy, and various co-ed electives and fine arts courses offered to students at either school.

Brophy honors students at annual assembly

Photo by Sam Wolff ’13

Keith Bender ’11, left, and Jeff Coltin ’11, right, shake hands at the end of Brophy’s annual Student Awards Assembly April 29, 2011. At the assemble Bender was named the class of 2011’s valedictorian and Coltin was named the salutatorian.

The school honors graduating seniors and students from all grade levels at the yearly event.

Earth Day aims to inspire

By Dillan J. Ducar ’13

Global warming seems to get more media attention every year as science suggests people continue to pollute the atmosphere with greenhouse gasses.

As a response, Earth Hour started in 2007 as a demonstration in Sydney, Australia where about 2.2 million people and 2,000 businesses turned off their lights and electronics to make a stand against climate change, according to Earthhour.org