Swimming reloads with talented senior class, young contributors

By Michael Moroney ’13

High expectations follow Mike Nelson ’12 and Chris Webb ’12 after emerging as two of the top swimmers in the state as part of the 2010 Brophy team.

Last year, Nelson won the 100-yard breaststroke for the Division I state championship while Webb was part of the winning 400-yard freestyle relay team at the state meet.

Show Choir sets stage for Brophy/Xavier elective class

By Josh Galvin ’13 & Jackson Santy ’13

Every day at the beginning of period 7, Brophy and Xavier students alike gather in Xavier’s Performing Arts Center, but not as in years past for play rehearsal.

The 2011 Fall semester marked the beginning of Xavier’s Show Choir class and a big step in the community’s contemporary artistic innovation.

Started by Xavier choral director Mrs. Amanda Sherrill, the class takes a modern approach to traditional choir classes, incorporating popular songs with choreographed dancing.

New math teacher, Mason, seeks interior designer

By Alex Stanley ’12

Mr. Broyles’ question from May 2011 “Teacher’s Pet”: What are your top three movies of all time and why?

One would have to be “The Princess Bride,” it is just a classic.

I first watched it at my grandparent’s house and didn’t really understand it. But my cousin told me it was the best movie ever, and I have liked it since then.

Xavier Gator

By Jackson Santy ’13

For security purposes I’ll need your name, year and student identification card.

Umm—my name is Kate Miller, I am a sophomore and I don’t have my ID on me.

DiMino dazzles despite demands, late start

By Josh Galvin ’13

Imagine starting at a new high school as a junior, two years behind the curve.

At any school this would prove quite the daunting task, but with Brophy the challenge is magnified.

New Year, New Opportunities

Change at the start of any school year is to be expected.
However, this year it seems there are a larger number of new faces, organizations and expectations than previous years.
These range from new teachers and policies to a new middle school—Loyola Academy.
In this edition, The Roundup explores these additions and how they continue to shape our identity.

It Came from the Internet

By Brett A. Mejia ’13


Are you a lover of Arizona?

How about off-roading? What about history?

Azoffroad.net is the place to find everything there is to know about what Arizona really has to offer.

Brophy introduces new tablets

By Jonathan M. Gornet ’14

In the busy office of K13, Mr. Mark Pettit is surrounded by computers and at the top of the stacks are the new Lenova laptops Brophy supplies to freshmen.

Mr. Pettit explained the reasons why Brophy moved from Toshiba, which had been the face of the school’s Tablet program for five years, to Lenova.

Brophy golf tees up for a new year

By Andrew Marini ’13

The golf season is in full swing as the team primes itself for another competitive year.

A younger, but closer varsity team with only two seniors is led by coach Mr. Jon Shores.

“I’m excited about the season,” Mr. Shores said.

The coach said none of the players who represented Brophy at state last year are returning, making the team younger than usual. With no freshmen on the team, the core consists mostly of sopohmores and juniors.