Kindle Fire launches to public scrutiny, faces stiff competition

By Josh Galvin ’13
With the holiday season encroaching upon the consumer world once more, corporations have begun to flood the market with a new round of the latest gadgets.
Yet while HDTVs, Apple products and other high-demand electronics remain at the top of lists around the globe, the fourth quarter also serves as a reminder that not all products live up to their hype.

Syria’s president not taking responsibility for crackdown

By Jack Macias ’14
Amid huge publicity surrounding the brutal government crackdown on Syrian protesters, the president recently met the American media with comments that are highly controversial.

President Bashar al-Assad claims that the recent violence in his country Syria is in the manner in which he has no control over. According to him, “I’m president. I don’t own the country. So they are not my forces.”

Basketball remains undefeated at home with win over Chaparral
Brophy 55 Chaparral 51 By Erik T. Masingill ’12 THE ROUNDUP  Despite a 12-point deficit at halftime, the Broncos outscored the Chaparral Firebirds 35-19 in the second half to clinch their second home victory Friday, Dec. 9 at Robson Gymnasium. “We played defense, got some stops and made our free throws,” said head coach Mr. Tony Fuller of the team’s performance in the second half. Although the end result was…
Fine Arts Extravaganza highlights musicians, writers, visual artists

By Alex Stanley ’12, Julian De Ocampo ’13, Roan Enright ’13 & Josh Galvin ’13
The Blackbox Theater was abuzz all night Nov. 22 at the Fine Arts Extravaganza, with school bands and four student acts filling the small theater for more than four hours of music.
The first student organized groups came on at around 8:15 p.m.

Mr. Hubbell offers helping hand all over campus

By Kevin Valenzuela ’13

Mr. Ryan Hubbell has not been at Brophy long but his impact has been noticed all over campus; in the Office of Faith and Justice, his classrooms, with the Speech and Debate team and with planning this 2011-2012 Summit on Human Dignity.

Teachers mixed on protests
By Brett A. Mejia ’13 THE ROUNDUP Over the past three months protestors have agglomerated in the Wall Street financial district of New York City, causing much debate. This protest was given the title “Occupy Wall Street,” to raise awareness of the increasing divide between the rich and poor. This protest has inspired people across the United States to take action in their own states. “I am unhappy with how…
Occupy Wall Street leaves students with questions
By Logan Hall ’14 THE ROUNDUP Protestors marched around Liberty Square in Manhattan’s Financial District on Sept. 17 with signs that read “We Are the 99%” and “OWS.” The Occupy Wall Street protests have been a point of interest since they began and have spread as far as Phoenix. However many students do not know who these people are and what they are trying to accomplish. “I don’t really know…
Maintenance team does necessary, behind-the-scenes work
By Alex Stanley ’12 THE ROUNDUP Maintenance worker Mr. Mark Radolinski, affectionately known throughout campus as “Polish Mark,” grins in his signature “Polska” hat, while layering plywood with several coats of white spray paint. The pile of white slabs would eventually turn up to be support for a “big screen” in K24, one of Mr. Radolinski’s many jobs on the week. He immigrated to Arizona from Poland through an immigration…
Catchy choruses, guitars dominate 2011 in indie rock

By Julian De Ocampo ’13

While the music journalists embraced established acts in 2010 (think back and remember the big albums: Arcade Fire, Kanye West, Gorillaz, etc.), 2011 was a year with a dearth of new releases from critical darlings.

Instead, the focus turned to mostly out-of-left field artists or relatively novice musicians only now starting to pick up steam.

For my second year writing a year-end album list, I’ve compiled a list of my top five favorite albums of the year as of the beginning of December.