DiMino takes first place in annual Poetry Out Loud competition

By Jonathan M. Gornet ’14

Inside of the Brophy Blackbox Theater Feb. 1-3 and then again Feb. 9, students strolled up to a lone microphone to recite a poem that they choose in the annual Poetry Out Loud competition.

The students who won that contest were John DiMino ’12, who placed first in the contest, with Ryan Frankel ’14 taking second and Conner Wareing ’12 placing third.

Spring Training returns to mixed student reactions

By Ian Christopher Beck ’12

Spring has arrived and with it comes Spring Training baseball.

The football gridiron is long gone and so too are the hardwood basketball courts fading from our minds. Moving into the fore are the clean-cut and carefully swept diamonds where baseball players thrive.

Do-it-all religion teacher Fisko explains the beautiful game, corners

By Alex Stanley ’12

Ms. Guffey’s question from February 2012 “Teacher’s Pet”: Who is your favorite student and why?

Well, I have a lot of favorite students.

But, I will say my favorite student is the one who graduates actually having fulfilled the grad at grad.

Where were you born?

Chicago, Ill.

Popular hip-hop music praises shallow, superficial decadence

By Rohan Keith Andresen ’12

Every generation has experienced its own unique and defining genre of music; and with each genre, there has been a unique message.

What critically acclaimed American artists of the past sang about conveyed quite different ideals in their music compared to the modern day. For example, The Beatles in the 60s portrayed peace and love.

Staggering pollution rates remain throughout valley

By Joe Skoog ’13
The Roundup

In a recent American Lung Association study, the Phoenix area ranked as the second most polluted city in the country.


We have all seen the smog clouds every morning and every afternoon.

But what exactly causes this?

Tennis returns key players, sees new talent

By Kevin M. Cabano ’12

The Brophy varsity tennis squad is back for another season with players both new and old.

Led by head coach Mr. Bill Woods, the team will face some strong opponents this upcoming season. Desert Mountain, Chaparral and Salpointe Catholic are teams Mr. Woods cited as “tough teams” to beat.

Track returns key talent from championship year for new season

By Michael Moroney ’13

A year after winning its first state championship and competing at the Nike Track Nationals, the Brophy track team returns with multiple athletes from last season.

However, the Broncos will be without a few talented athletes from last season. Most notably, Will Firth ’11 and Tommy Williams ’11 have graduated since guiding the Broncos to the state championship last May.

‘TSmith’ aims to educate whole person

By Ian Christopher Beck ’12

For most, the “what am I doing with my life?” moment is just a Hollywood plot twist, a fantastic instant that happens in movies but not real life.

But for Brophy’s Mr. Tommy Smith, that life-changing revelation was all too real, and it’s a major reason as to why he got to Brophy in the first place.

Smart phone ‘apps’ beginning to consume daily lives

By Jackson Santy ’13
The Roundup

By now we’ve all heard the popular Apple slogan “there’s an app for that,” and this undoubtedly has some truth to it.

In the peak of the digital age, according to Nielsen research firm, approximately 44 percent of Americans now own smartphones, compared to only 18 percent two years ago, and with all these smartphones comes a myriad of apps.

‘Bronies’ form unique club on campus
By Alex Stanley ’12 THE ROUNDUP In the 45 minutes allotted during a normal Tuesday lunch, a group of a bit more than 10 students meet in B206 in a space where they are comfortable, even with what some may call an off-beat interest. They are themselves in the meeting, and they are supported in their interest. Among the camaraderie a visitor might hear names such as Twilight Sparkle, Celestia,…