Faces of Brophy Multimedia

Profile Photos: Faces of Brophy

A photographic profile of people around Brophy’s campus

Photo by Bryce Owen ’17 | Matthew Holmes ’17 “I believe that Apple is actually a giant antagonist in our world, and they are creating all of their technology to one day take over the world.”
Photo by Bryce Owen ’17 | Enrique Olague Fierro ’16 “My culture inspires me, I want to make the Hispanics proud, the people in my community, my neighborhood.”
Photo by Cory Wyman ’16 | Ivan Hernandez-Cruz ’17 “A lot of the teachers at Brophy have passion for what they do, and it’s something I look up to.”
Photo by Cory Wyman ’16 | Krishna Murugan ’16 “I’ve always found myself wanting to be better than I was 10 minutes ago.”