2K Review

Photo by Adrian Munguia ’22 | Jaam Magot ’20 playing NBA 2K20 with the Philadelphia 76ers.

By Adrian Munguia ’22


NBA 2K20 was released on Sep. 6 2019 and excitement was high. Youtubers released numerous gameplay videos on the game giving people a taste of what the game has to offer. This game contrast much in what 2K was last year, the MyPlayer game mode has a new interface in which it goes more into the physical ability of the player, as well as the exclusion of some of the old badges as and the creation of new badges that neither 2K18 nor 2K19 had. The game has a strange give and take, the game has made it much harder to guard layup drives yet the layups rarely go in, the graphics of the game look like it took a step back. The new MyPlayer creation can be appreciated, the factors of creating a player with more precise factors on their physical abilities is great, though the shooting interface is terrible, they’re too slow, they never go in, and almost any shot is contested.

“2K is trash,” said Elias Castro ’21 a person who has tried playing 2K20, “I don’t like the fact that a seven-footer has the same crossover as a six-foot point guard [as well as] the blow-by animations and the layup packages,” He continues with timing and visuals, “the visuals are actually pretty good. I would differentiate the crossovers between players, not make them so slow, kept the defense from 2K19 and be able to make a contact layup.”

“I think it’s alright, “said Jaam Magot ’20, another person who has purchased and played the game, “It’s pretty similar 2K19. The only thing I don’t like is the jumpshots are slower, especially in MyCareer if don’t have quickdraw [new badge] it’s pretty hard, but I do like some of the changes to MyTeam like position lock to stop the cheese [the exploitation of the gaming program]. It feels like defence is better this year. I would change some of the ratings, they always seem to get these wrong every year.” it is a solid game but the game still is new and has some faults.

2K20 has ratings on the gaming platform Steam and Metacritic. Steam has awarded 2K20 a rating of 2/10 and Metacritic gives 77% on 2K20. Steam’s rating shows that 2K has some room to improve and Metacritic shows that it is a pretty solid but not obsolete game.