2020 Tokyo Olympics add new sports
Photo courtesy of the Olympics | The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Committee breaks boundaries by adding five new sports. By Ridge Peterson ’21 THE ROUNDUP The International Olympic Committee has added five new sports to the games this upcoming year. Which will be held in Tokyo, Japan from Friday, July 24, 2020, to Sunday, Aug. 9, 2020. The new sports include karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing. While those sports are…
Faces of Brophy: Thomas Yarbro ’22
Photo by Noah Lederer ’21 | “I am the baseball team manager right now. I like doing this because it gives me something to do. It’s fun, I’m always active and doing something and picking up baseballs and extra bases is all I need to do.” – Thomas Yarbro ’22
Faces of Brophy: TJ Martinez ’19
Photo by Raymond Link ’20 | “I love track and field because it is a mentally straining sport. If I want to do well in school and sports, I have to push myself to the limit.” – TJ Martinez ’19
Faces of Brophy: Charles Gbekia ’19
Photo by Jackson Moran ’20 | “Currently I’m the president of the Black Student Union, we’ve been doing a lot of work this year to make it a cohesive group, and invite the Xavier girls to come join us.” – Charles Gbekia ’19
Faces of Brophy: Matthew Carlson ’22
Photo by Jackson Moran ’20 | “My favorite part of choir is the community. Choir is a lot about learning new music. Especially working together as a group, it requires a lot of collaboration.” – Matthew Carlson ’22
Faces of Brophy: Giovanni Mantes
Photo by Jackson Moran ’20 | “I am a student leader in Hermanos Unidos. It’s somewhere where I can express my culture, and I feel at home there. I come from a small school so I have that sense of family there.” -Giovanni Mantes ’20
Faces of Brophy: Gus Chavez
Photo by Jackson Moran ’21 | “My favorite part of Red and White Club is that we get to meet prospective students from middle schools, and we get to tour them around campus and enlighten them about what it means to be a Brophy Student.” -Gus Chavez ’21
Brophy balances instillation of Grad at Grad with academic rigor
By Hayden Welty ’19 THE ROUNDUP While the “college prep” aspect of the Brophy mission features prominently in the very name of the institution –– Brophy College Preparatory –– the school seeks to instill more than just academic prowess in its students, according to “Inspired by St. Ignatius of Loyola, the education of every Brophy student is focused on having them graduate as young men who are open to…
Stock market game prepares students
By Spencer Inglett ’19 and Jack Davis ’19 THE ROUNDUP The Brophy Stock Market Game, moderated by Social Studies Department Chair Ms. Kelly Guffey, brings a low-risk, high-reward competitive iteration of the stock market to campus. Along with this, the Consumer Business and Finance class–taught by Mr. Blair Cook–readies students for their adult life. The club meets in Ms. Guffey’s room every Thursday to discuss possible investments, trades, and the…
Should athletes keep politics out of the game?
By Josh Belgrad ’19 THE ROUNDUP With the controversies behind kneeling for the national anthem and “shut up and dribble,” the resulting discussion has turned to the validity of athletes utilizing their platform to promote their political opinions. Football defensive consultant Mr. Thurmond Moore has trained many NFL athletes during their seasons or to prepare the athletes for the draft. “There is too much value placed on people at times…