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Feature Package: Phoenix City Limits

Feature Package: Phoenix City Limits

Graphic by Bryce Owen ’17  In 1928, a Jesuit high school sprouted from an arid patch of dirt not of a young downtown Phoenix. Since then, Brophy and Phoenix have matured together. Brophy students conduct complex projects at research institutions, fundraise for local hospitals, frequent Valley golf courses and perform at local theaters. This edition, The

Citizens must take action, state Legislature overlooked as outlet

By Hayden Welty ’19 THE ROUNDUP As I was reviewing some concepts for the Advanced Placement United States History exam this May, there was a line in my test prep book that resonated with me: “The Founding Fathers understood such a system to have hope of success only when the citizenry was moral and responsible.”

Senior Duffy grateful for bringing happiness as ‘the Bronco’

Photo Illustration by Bryce Owen ’17 | Brendan Duffy ’17 poses in the Brophy Bronco costume March 14.  By Ibu Oluyi ’17 & Manuel Mata-Flores ‘19 THE ROUNDUP At most athletic events, the Bronco, the school’s mascot, is seen on the sideline jumping, dancing and trying to excite the crowd. The mascot is seen by

Drake’s ‘More Life’ is experimental, diverse

Photo Courtesy of Tribune News Service | Drake performs during the Summer Sixteen tour at United Center on Oct. 5, 2016, in Chicago. ‘More Life’ by Drake 6.5 out of 10 By Jack Cahill ’17 THE ROUNDUP Drake’s new release “More Life” exceeded the expectations of many, including myself, but still has room for improvement.

Student behavior at Mass inappropriate, detrimental to experience

By Hayden Welty ’17 THE ROUNDUP The Issue: Some students are disruptive and rude during Mass. Our Stance: Students need to be respectful during Mass and of the hard work of the OFJ. The actions of some students during recent Masses are inappropriate and hinder an otherwise enjoyable communal celebration. Mass is an integral part

Feature Package: How this Place Works?

Graphic by Bryce Owen ’17 Early each morning, just as the sun begins to rise, and far before the first carpool arrives in the North lot, the gates of Brophy are unlocked. Hours later, after classes have been taught, lunches eaten and games played, those same gates will shut for the night. Many of the