Faces of Brophy: Thomas Yarbro ’22
Photo by Noah Lederer ’21 | “I am the baseball team manager right now. I like doing this because it gives me something to do. It’s fun, I’m always active and doing something and picking up baseballs and extra bases is all I need to do.” – Thomas Yarbro ’22
Faces of Brophy: TJ Martinez ’19
Photo by Raymond Link ’20 | “I love track and field because it is a mentally straining sport. If I want to do well in school and sports, I have to push myself to the limit.” – TJ Martinez ’19
Faces of Brophy: Charles Gbekia ’19
Photo by Jackson Moran ’20 | “Currently I’m the president of the Black Student Union, we’ve been doing a lot of work this year to make it a cohesive group, and invite the Xavier girls to come join us.” – Charles Gbekia ’19
Faces of Brophy: Matthew Carlson ’22
Photo by Jackson Moran ’20 | “My favorite part of choir is the community. Choir is a lot about learning new music. Especially working together as a group, it requires a lot of collaboration.” – Matthew Carlson ’22
Faces of Brophy: Giovanni Mantes
Photo by Jackson Moran ’20 | “I am a student leader in Hermanos Unidos. It’s somewhere where I can express my culture, and I feel at home there. I come from a small school so I have that sense of family there.” -Giovanni Mantes ’20
Faces of Brophy: Gus Chavez
Photo by Jackson Moran ’21 | “My favorite part of Red and White Club is that we get to meet prospective students from middle schools, and we get to tour them around campus and enlighten them about what it means to be a Brophy Student.” -Gus Chavez ’21
Feature Package: Phoenix City Limits
Graphic by Bryce Owen ’17  In 1928, a Jesuit high school sprouted from an arid patch of dirt not of a young downtown Phoenix. Since then, Brophy and Phoenix have matured together. Brophy students conduct complex projects at research institutions, fundraise for local hospitals, frequent Valley golf courses and perform at local theaters. This edition, The Roundup explores the unique ways Brophy students are taking advantage of Phoenix’s many opportunities and…
Video: Awaken Coffee sets up shop at Brophy
Video by Camden Andl ’19 and Spencer Inglett ’19 THE ROUNDUP Brophy grads Harrison Bowers ’11 and Tyler Christensen ’11created their own coffee company in 2016, and will be selling their brew around the Brophy campus for the rest of the school year.
Future Physicians largely student-run, appeals to students seeking remedial career
By Jack Davis ’19 THE ROUNDUP During lunch break on Thursday, a group of motivated students meet in Piper 221 to discuss the latest news in medicine. “I’ve been the moderator for Future Physicians pretty much my whole tenure here,” said Mr. Patrick Kolb. “So, I’d say about eight to nine years.” “Mrs. [Cheryl] Lenox started off with the club and I joined her,” he added. “Eventually, she drew away…
Citizens must take action, state Legislature overlooked as outlet
By Hayden Welty ’19 THE ROUNDUP As I was reviewing some concepts for the Advanced Placement United States History exam this May, there was a line in my test prep book that resonated with me: “The Founding Fathers understood such a system to have hope of success only when the citizenry was moral and responsible.” While I’m not going blame Americans for being immoral and irresponsible, I do think that…