Audio Story: Flex periods increase student productivity
By AK Alilonu ’16 THE ROUNDUP The flex period became a part of the average student’s schedule this year, like it has at other high schools. Flex period replaces study halls that were hosted in the Information Commons, now the Innovation Commons. It is also an option to replace substitute teachers when a faculty member is out of class. Both members of the student body and the administration say that the move…
Audio Story: Mock Trial competes at regionals
Photo courtesy of the Manson family | The Mock Trial recently competed at Regionals, where the Varsity placed first in the region. By AK Alilonu ’16 THE ROUNDUP The Brophy Mock Trial team currently consists of three teams. The Varsity team conducts practice after school at the Copper Point building on Tuesday and Thursday. Editor’s Note: In the interest of full disclosure online editor Chase Manson ’16 is on the…
Audio: Teachers use new teaching methods to improve student learning
By Austin Norville ’15 THE ROUNDUP As our country’s focus on education continues to grow, teachers are changing their methods of teaching to improve students and the way they learn. Ms. Jessica Mason (XCP ’04), a math teacher on campus, uses a new style of teaching called a flipped classroom in which she believes is an improvement on the traditional teaching method.
Audio: Students go to Lux coffee bar to do homework, relax
By Will Schubert ’15 & Hayden Corwin ’15 THE ROUNDUP Brophy students travel to Lux before and after school to find a place to hangout with friends, eat food, do homework and relax. Lux, located south of campus on the west side of Central Avenue, provides students with a unique environment where it is encouraged to do work and drink coffee.
Audio: Walk between classes more than mundane
By Cory Wyman ’16 & AK Alilonu ’16 THE ROUNDUP Whether going from a classroom in Brophy Hall to a laboratory in Piper or from the gym to the parking lot, walking around on campus can be a tedious yet universal part of being a student at any school. Brophy is not an exception. The Roundup caught up with Krishna Sinha ’18 and Martin Eslava ’17 between classes one day in September for this “audio postcard.”…