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How to create a descriptive environmental portrait

In The Roundup’s October edition there was an article on Danny Riggs ’11, a defensive end on the football team.

I took the photo of Riggs to accompany the article.

Normally a general rule for photos in The Roundup is that we use candid photos that are not setup or posed.

Words from the wise is made by students, not staff

Every month, the staff of The Roundup takes pride in seeing the new edition spread throughout the Brophy community.

More often than not, students will immediately flip over to the back page, home of the “Words from the Wise.” This is a column that is intended to be funny, topical, pertinent or thought provoking.

It’s no secret that people like funny quotes the most, and we occasionally hear rumblings of a desire for “more funny.”

Roundup launches new multimedia project

By Michael Mandeville ’11
Managing Editor

Throughout the Brophy community there breathes a multitude of idiosyncrasies that illustrates the ‘soul’ we are all a part of.

Between the diversity students and faculty all contribute to and the traditions that pulse year after year, the “Soul of Brophy” makes known all of these characteristics and more importantly answers our underlining question: What makes Brophy “Brophy?”

Roundup starts year with 25 state, national honors

Roundup staff members and contributors recently earned 25 state and national awards for their work in the student publication last year.

The Arizona Interscholastic Press Association announced 16 Brophy students won a total of 21 awards in its 2010 Fall Newspaper Contest. This was based on work from the second semester of last year and awards were given for honorable mention, excellent and superior ratings.

Staff editorial gives newspaper a voice on current issues

In this edition, The Roundup published a staff editorial about the highly-debated SB 1070.

Instead of an opinion article bearing only the views of the author, a staff editorial is written by a board of editors and it states the opinion of the newspaper on local, state and national issues.

A staff editorial gives a voice to the publication as a whole on behalf of its readers.

The Roundup active over summer break with blog posts

While many students may have taken time off over the summer to relax, The Roundup was still active bringing you updates on summer movies, Brophy’s track team’s success at the Nike National tournament and summer immersion trips and debuting several new online blogs.

Over the summer The Roundup also debuted two new online blogs: My Two Cents and The Bronco Beat.

My Two Cents is an opinion column giving The Roundup writers a voice on current local, national and global issues. News Editor Rohan Andresen ’12 was the first post to this blog with a post about his experiences on the Puebla immersion trip this summer.

Outgoing editor encourages students to seize the day

As I sit at my computer, clacking away at the keyboard while my bright lamp illuminates a few items on my desk (red pen, reporter’s notebook and recorder) I am reminded of the many times I have been in this deadline situation.

However, this time is different. This is my last edition in as Editor in Chief, the last time I will be pressured by the infamous deadline and perhaps the final words I will ever publish in The Roundup.

I don’t mean to be melodramatic and count “lasts”; it’s just interesting how journalism can correlate to life in general.

Departing editor offers graduated wisdom

As the year comes to a close once again, another group of seniors departs from Brophy.

Unfortunately, it is my class’ time to leave Brophy, and the administrators were right when, what seems just like yesterday, they said that Brophy would be the fastest four years of our lives.

I still can’t fully grasp the idea that this “group of seniors” is my class; the guys I have gotten to know so well during my time here.

In the Newsroom: Inner-workings of The Roundup, process revealed

While The Roundup is almost always in some state of writing, investigating and editing, many hardly see what really takes place within the walls of E331.

More frequently these days, The Roundup may bleep into existence with Twitter posts, Facebook notifications and Web site updates. But it is most known when it is released once a month.

As a monthly publication, it can be hard for students to think that The Roundup even exists in between the dates it is released. However, this could not be farther from the truth.