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Death Grips’ abrasive sound mastered on ‘No Love Deep Web’
By Charles Louis Dominguez ’14 THE ROUNDUP Death Grips – No Love Deep Web 7.5 out of 10 Death Grips are so punk rock. On the morning of Sept. 30, the Sacramento-based act announced that they would be self-releasing their latest project, “No Love Deep Web.” Meant to be their second album on Sony’s Epic label, they expressed disdain toward the label, posting inflammatory comments to their various social-networking accounts.…
‘Nevermind’ reissue allows for appreciation of classic album

By Julian De Ocampo ’13

“Oh well, whatever, never mind” is hardly the anthemic rallying cry that most people search for, but for children of the 90s, it was the perfect sentiment to match the indifferent shrugs of slackers across the alternative nation.

And when emitted from the raspy, garbled voice of one such as Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, it sounded downright exciting in 1991.

The Music Sounds Better: ‘Watch the Throne’ lacks grandeur

By Jackson Santy ’13
Jay-Z & Kanye West – “Watch the Throne”
The album debuted at number one spot on the US Billboard Charts, selling 436 thousand copies in its first week, plus the fact that at least another ten thousand downloaded it illegally.
The interesting aspect of the album was that Jay-Z and West made an effort to make sure that the album was not “leaked” to the public prior to its midnight release.

The Music Sounds Better: OCD rolls out ‘The Welcome Mat’


OCD – “The Welcome Mat”

The hip-hop duo of OCD strikes again with their new mixtape “The Welcome Mat,” which they released Aug. 16.

Listeners can download the mixtape for free here.

Philadelphia natives DeQuincy “Moosh” McRae and Oliver “Twist” Feighan return with a tape containing only six songs but it is only the first part of a two-part program.

The Music Sounds Better: The Weeknd releases sinister second album in six months

When The Weeknd’s breakout mixtape, “House of Balloons,” dropped in March, it was considered an out-of-left field enigma partly because of the veil of mystery surrounding its unknown creator.

After the release of “House of Balloons,” The Weeknd was quickly lapped up as a critical darling, nabbing a Polaris Music Prize nomination and rave reviews from nearly every music publication willing to give the low-profile release the light of day.

The Music Sounds Better: Cults create perfect summer soundtrack with retro debut

Cults – Cults

Remember Tennis? That really great ocean-themed retro-pop band that blew the blogosphere to bits last year with “Marathon”? Remember how they could never top that song and everything else they created sounded the same? Yeah, that was a shame.

Remember Cults? The band that sounded sort of totally like Tennis and started growing popular at the same exact time? The band that really shocked the world with the wonderfully sunny and equally breezy “Go Outside”?

The Strokes continue deteriorating quality with ‘Angles’

A friend of mine once told me that I was lucky to share a name with one of the coolest people on the planet.

She was referring to Julian Casablancas, lead singer of The Strokes. The New York band, with their leather jackets and oversized sunglasses, were prophesized by the media as “saviors of rock” at the dawn of the century as they rode the hype train to the top of the charts.

Decade of dance continues to draw listeners

When Lady Gaga told the populace to “Just Dance” in 2008, it seemed less like a suggestion and more like a command.

“Just Dance” may have well been the mantra that guided the charts in the last few years, as popular music has made a fundamental shift that caters to the nightlife.

Dean and Ravo show promise with new mixtape

By Ben Jackson ’11

New York-based hip-hop duo Dean and Ravo released their new mixtape “A to B” Feb. 28 via the music blog

On “A to B” the duo released 12 tracks.

Dean and Ravo’s music is considered hip-hop, but they have a style of music that is much different from many other hip-hop groups today.

Strong music opinions conflict with purpose

By Michael Mandeville ’11

My music taste is better than yours, deal with it.

Here is the thing fellow Broncos, I like a very particular kind of music, and I will always be certain that it is better than whatever it is you are listening to.

I can’t help it, but that’s the nature of the situation.

Any pop “alternative” rock, new-reggae, dub-step, hard-step, whatever-step is just noise to me.