My Two Cents

Texting while walking causes problems for students
By Joe Skoog ’13 THE ROUNDUP I have run into the light pole on Central and Camelback about 10 times. Not because I can’t see it, but because I am texting. The need to read text messages while in motion can sometimes seem a necessity, but this can lead to adverse effects. You would think this goes without saying, but apparently it does not as new findings show not being…
iPads have pros and cons for future students
By Michael Ahearne ’14 THE ROUNDUP   I pull my finger back on the screen, take aim and fire. I watch as my little bird flies across the screen hurling towards a group of pigs, surrounded by a wooden structure. This game is “Angry Birds.” This is just one of the hundreds of thousands of apps located on Apple’s App Store. Brophy, a one-to-one computing school, is replacing the Tablet…
‘World Peace’ does not deserve to play in NBA playoffs
By Andrew J. Barnes ’12 THE ROUNDUP It is hard to believe that Los Angeles Lakers small forward Metta World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, will be able to play for the Lakers in their Western Conference Semifinals series against the Oklahoma City Thunder. World Peace was suspended seven games by the NBA for his vicious elbow to the head of Thunder guard James Harden the last time the two…
Supporters of Trayvon Martin should seek justice, not racially-driven arguments
By Aakash Jain ’14 THE ROUNDUP The death of African American teenager Trayvon Martin has triggered a national media frenzy, and the issue of race has been at the forefront. Many rallies have been held in Martin’s honor, often consisting of thousands of people demanding the arrest of his killer, George Zimmerman. Most notably, several civil rights leaders, including Al Sharpton, Dick Gregory and Martin Luther King III, gathered on…
We Should Let the Economy Collapse
By Joe Skoog ’13 THE ROUNDUP Modern economics are all predicated upon growth as the primary indicator of success. However, this idea is incredibly flawed. Instead of stimulating the economy to grow, we should let it collapse. Firstly, it would help solve the financial crisis and allow the United States to default on their loans, thus stopping things like rising inflation rates and foreign lending because we would start with…
Kepler mission discovers Earth-like planet

By Aakash Jain ’14
NASA’s Kepler program recently announced the discovery of an Earth-like planet.

Named Kepler-22B, the newly found planet is approximately 2.4 times the size of the Earth.

It is the first planet confirmed to orbit in a sun-like star’s habitable zone—the region where liquid water, a requirement for life on Earth, could potentially persist.

Democrats, Republicans espouse the status quo

By Aakash Jain ’14

The Democratic and Republican parties’ domination of the U.S. political landscape has been an accepted reality for the preponderance of most Americans’ lives.

Such a model allows for little diversity in government representation, in spite of the persistent, occasionally influential, bids of perennial candidates.

Kindle Fire launches to public scrutiny, faces stiff competition

By Josh Galvin ’13
With the holiday season encroaching upon the consumer world once more, corporations have begun to flood the market with a new round of the latest gadgets.
Yet while HDTVs, Apple products and other high-demand electronics remain at the top of lists around the globe, the fourth quarter also serves as a reminder that not all products live up to their hype.