My Two Cents

Syria’s president not taking responsibility for crackdown

By Jack Macias ’14
Amid huge publicity surrounding the brutal government crackdown on Syrian protesters, the president recently met the American media with comments that are highly controversial.

President Bashar al-Assad claims that the recent violence in his country Syria is in the manner in which he has no control over. According to him, “I’m president. I don’t own the country. So they are not my forces.”

Pearce is not the only problem Arizona faces

By Manuel A. Sigüenza ’12
Arizona voters made history Nov. 8 when they successfully recalled Russell Pearce, President of the Arizona Senate, from office.

He lost to Republican candidate Jerry Lewis, a Mesa resident with experience as a superintendent of the Sequoia Charter School.

Student involvement in politics is good for civic engagement

By Joe Skoog ’13
While voting may seem a long way off for many students at Brophy, awareness about the issues and policies that are currently confronting law makers is important for further education and application in the real world.

Many say that there is no reason for youth to be involved in politics, but this argument is proven to be false.

London rioters not justified in solely destructive action

By Kevin M. Cabano ’12

Mark Duggan’s death at the hands of London police in early August led to accusations of police brutality, helping to spark violent riots that shook the city for several days.

The driving force behind the riots eventually shifted to a general testament of discontent.

But the rioters were wrong.

NBA owners report losses, blame CBA for lack of profits

By Aakash Jain ’14

Just a few weeks after Commissioner David Stern crowned Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks league champions, the National Basketball Association announced an indefinite lockout July 1 at 12:01 a.m.

Unable to successfully negotiate terms to a new Collective Bargaining Agreement with the National Basketball Player’s Association since the beginning of 2011, the NBA has essentially released all current players from their contracts.

Appalachia immersion trip provides valuable experience

By Alex Stanley ’12


While many Brophy students were catching up on sleep two days after finals finished, nine students and three faculty members made a long trek to West Virginia to help serve the poor and disadvantaged.

I had the pleasure of going on the trip, where we visited towns, both small and big, with the purpose of immersion into the people’s daily lives.

The trip was in cooperation with Wheeling Jesuit, which provided guides, a place to stay and activities to do.

Music & media factors of teenage depression, research says

By Colin M. Prenger ’11

In today’s technological age, media envelops us each and every day – but at what cost?

Texting, web surfing and listening to music are activities that are likely to cause depression in teens who do too much of it on a daily basis, experts say.

Arizona should choose a state gun

By Chase Stevens ’12

Recently, many Arizonans have begun advocating for naming the Colt Single-Action Army Revolver, or the Colt SAA, as the state gun.

If the state legislature did pass the bill naming the Colt SAA as the state gun, Arizona would be the first state in the United States to have an official state gun.