My Two Cents

Opponents of ‘Ground Zero’ Mosque oppress Muslims

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is building a community center called Park51, located two blocks away from Ground Zero, where the World Trade Center once stood in New York City, which includes an area for Muslims to pray.

Called the “Ground Zero Mosque,” there are many people that oppose this community center being built.

These people range from misinformed to racist.

Combat troops return home, time to salute armed services

Operation Enduring Iraqi Freedom came to a close Sept. 1 as the military replaced it with Operation New Dawn.

New Dawn offers a change in operational procedure, it emphasizes that the remaining 50,000 troop oversee should instruct the newly formed Iraqi forces and provide training for their Army.

The majority of combat troops in Iraq boarded military transports and flew towards the comfort and safety of U.S. borders.

Puebla trip offers education and experience

We went to Puebla planning to do community service work, but many of us never thought through the work we did and the people we met, we would learn about culture and realize how truly lucky and blessed we are.

On July 4 16 incoming juniors accompanied by three teachers set off to Cholula, Mexico for 10 days; thankfully, I was fortunate enough to be one of the 16 students.

The town we stayed in, Cholula, is a small city in the state of Puebla, and is located two hours south of Mexico City.