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Rascon uses artistic ability to promote campus advocacy and culture

Photo by Manuel Mata-Flores’19| Saul Rascon’19 talks to Charels Gbekia’19 about student council taken on Friday April 13th, 2018. By Victor Beck’ 20 THE ROUNDUP Saul Rascon Salazar ’19 has been a continuous student leader in the Brophy community since his freshman year. He is apart of numerous clubs such as Brophy Advocacy Club, Brophy

Fortnite takes Brophy by storm

By Pierce Braun ’20 THE ROUNDUP Fortnite, a building-based survival game that debuted July 25, 2017 has had an effect on how students now spend their free time. The Battle Royale-style of gameplay is not necessarily a new concept, but was reintroduced by “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds”(PUBG). Fortnite, which has a similar style of playe has now

Opinion: Music is alive

By Cooper Parson ’20 THE ROUNDUP Music is currently having another golden period in artists and innovation. With the rise of rap and R&B as the most popular genres in music today, many incredible artists have surfaced. In just the last few decades artists like Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Logic, SZA, Adele, and Rihanna have

Opinion: Music as we knew it faces extinction

By Matthew Zacher ’18 THE ROUNDUP Music of the 20th century featured The Beatles, Rolling Stones, U2, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Billy Joel, The Temptations, The Eagles, Nirvana, and Bob Dylan–artists who rose to the heights of American culture and changed its scope forever. These artists created the American songbook if you will,