‘The Invention of Lying’ is too good to be true

Was lying the summation of years of scientific observations and experiments, or the brainchild of an intellectual prodigy?

Neither. Average Mark Bellison stumbles upon the quintessential truth, or untruth, of honesty in this season’s first comedy “The Invention of Lying,” in theaters since Oct. 2.

‘Wild Things’ speaks to inner child

It is rare when a movie based on a book summarizes everything the book was enjoyed for.

It is even rarer to find a movie that will add a new layer of complexity to the story.

Studios often make the mistake of taking a well known property (“Harry Potter” for instance) and mass-producing it to the public with little respect given to the original source material.

Clowns, Twinkies and brains take the screen

Welcome to Zombieland, a world where the living dead rule the planet and a handful of survivors are in search of a sanctuary–as well as some Twinkies.

Joining the ranks of horror comedies featuring most notably “Shawn of the Dead,” “Zombieland” does nothing revolutionary, yet still manages to produce brilliant moments that make the movie well worth your time.

‘Grapes of Wrath’ ripens this fall

Spending two and a half hours a day after school for the next two months with Ms. Dorothy Dunnion memorizing pages and pages of dialogue might sound like some sort of punishment that not even Mr. Bopp could come up with

But for the cast of “The Grapes of Wrath,” this is just rehearsal.

Mingus Mountain offers nearby camping retreat

The smell of the cool mountain air began to waft into the car, reminding me of why I had left the city a little more than an hour ago.

My friend, acting as navigator for the day, and I were well on our way to our final destination of Mingus Mountain northeast of Prescott.

Just a short drive out of the greater Phoenix area, you find yourself surrounded by pine trees and pleasant breezes that are a result of a nearly 7,000 foot elevation change in just an hour and a half.

‘District 9’ provides explosive action and people

On Aug. 14, American audiences bared witness to the premiere of “District 9,” an epic sci-fi production directed and co-written by Neil Blomkamp and co-produced by Peter Jackson.

While Peter Jackson may sound familiar to fans of the “Lord of the Rings” movies and “King Kong,” the name Blomkamp may be somewhat unfamiliar to those who are alien to independent filming – or to the “Halo” video game series, for which Blomkamp was lined up to work on a film adaptation.

Xavier Gator

What is your Name and Year?
Dana Lundblad and I am a Junior.

What do you do in your free time?
I like to hang out with my friends.

It Came From the Internet

Those who play “The Game” may be cursing under their breath. But aside from making you lose, this is meant to educate those who don’t know how to play.

The Game is a paradoxical attempt to pass time that has a few simple rules.

Broncos ready to rumble with St. Mary’s this Friday, Sept. 11

Imagine packing into the gym to energize the team, the smell of fresh beef hitting a grill and the prickle down your spine when hundreds of warriors jubilantly rush onto a field after a great victory.
When Brophy plays against St. Mary’s Friday students can experience all of this and more.