Faces of Brophy

Faces of Brophy: Quinten Wass
Photo by Cory Wyman ’16 Quinten Wass ’17 “There’s something about running that is relaxing. There’s something just kind of peaceful about running for long periods of time.”
Faces of Brophy: Axell Komlan
Photo by Andrew Brown ’18 Axell Komlan ’18 “I admire my mom and dad because of the way that they tried so hard to adjust to American culture after leaving so much of their culture behind.”
Faces of Brophy: Edwin Mehari
Photo by Cory Wyman ’17 Edwin Mehari ’18 “When I’m down [my mother] is there for me. When I’m up she’s there. I know she cares about me. She works two jobs just for me and my sister.”
Faces of Brophy: Alec Ferreira
Photo by Andrew Brown ’18 Alec Ferreira ’17 “There are Native Americans living in terrible conditions and facing a lot of adversity and I want to break those barriers by getting an education.”
Faces of Brophy: Matthew Holmes
Photo by Bryce Owen ’17 Matthew Holmes ’17   “I believe that Apple is actually a giant antagonist in our world, and they are creating all of their technology to one day take over the world.”