The making of a musical

What goes into putting together a Brophy production?
There is much more to it than most theatre-goers may notice. From set-building to long practices to opening night preparations and cast parties; Brophy productions are full of continued excitement.
What may be perceived as a simple scene is comprised of several actors, singers, dancers, musicians, sound and light managers, makeup artists, directors, painters and hours of practice.

New Roundup podcast offers music options, insight

This month The Roundup is introducing a segment where I run through a few new songs and artists that I may love, hate or find that students would like.

You can listen to this and clips from the songs discussed in the new podcast “The Music Sounds Better.” To download the podcast, head over to and go to the Music section.

Caffeinated Competition

Anyone who takes a few short steps off of Brophy’s campus is well within sight of three different coffee shops: Dutch Bros. Coffee, Lux Coffee Bar and Lola Coffee.

With the addition of the Copper Star Coffee on 7th Avenue, north of Indian School Road, there is a nearby abundance of caffeinated products for even the most die hard Bronco coffee lover.

What would your wish be?

If you could have one wish, anything you want (except for more wishes), what would it be?

I asked this question to students for the last two weeks, 50 students to be exact, and the responses came in all forms. The most common wishes were for super powers, time machines and improving humanity.

Keeping everthing running 24/7

“Keeping everything running 24/7 is one of the hardest parts,” said Mr. Blair Cook when asked about the most difficult aspects of his job.

The Brophy Tablet Program launched four years ago, and now all 1,270 students each use a Tablet PC computer as a tool in their classes.

It takes a team of fulltime professionals who work mostly behind the scenes to keep the school’s computers, network and data systems running smoothly.