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Wall in Freeman Arch raises awareness, inconveniences students

Wall in Freeman Arch raises awareness, inconveniences students

Photo by Josh Spano ’18 | A student walks through the wall in the Freeman Arch on October 26th, 2017. The wall was put up and monitored by Kino Teens throughout the day.  By Graham Armknecht ’18 THE ROUNDUP Students came between a wall and a hard place on Thursday morning, as students a part of

New Alumni Service Corps members arrive on campus

By Michael Taszarek ’18 THE ROUNDUP Every year Brophy welcomes new Alumni Service Corps (ASC) volunteers to campus. This year, there are five new ASC members on campus: Mr. Jerry Aguilera ’13, Mr. Miguel Castillo ’13, Mr. Christopher Dominguez ’13, Mr. Timothy Shimon ’13, and Mr. Griffin Wong, a recent graduate of Boston College. ASC

Students research brain, diabetes at Barrow, ASU

By Matthew Zacher ’18 THE ROUNDUP The Science Department faculty nominate two students each year, usually freshmen or sophomores to research and work at Barrow Neurological Institute. One of these students, Kirshna Sinha ’18, works with Dr. Leslie Baxter to research a possible correlation between motor performance, like tapping your finger, and the size of

MacBook Air set to debut as new device with class of ’21

By Joseph Valencia ’17 THE ROUNDUP After 11 years of Brophy’s one-to-one program, with the last five of those using Apple iPads as student devices, the administration has decided to switch to a new device, the Apple MacBook Air. The decision follows a several month study that started in October. “Five years is a really

Campus expansion covered by money raised, not tuition

By Juan Carlos Ramirez THE ROUNDUP The process of expansion always involves many moving figures and every decision administrators make take into account the need of our students, according to Brophy president. President Ms. Adria Renke said that the board of trustees make the decisions on spending. “There is a board of trustees that is

Aviation class offers flight simulation, piloting ability

By Matthew Zacher ’18 THE ROUNDUP Xavier offers an aviation elective course that uses computerized flight simulators to build flight experience. The class is taught by Mr. Gale Hestenes, a Xavier faculty member, and the class is housed on Xavier’s campus, but is open to Brophy students.   Mr. Hestenes is a certified flight instructor

Ward: Admissions is an all-year, school-wide job

Photo by Manny Mata-Flores ’19 | Mrs. Shelly Scheuring speaks with President Ms. Adria Renke after school Feb. 14. Mrs. Scheuring and Mr. Ward run the admissions office and lead the application process and interviews every year. By Matthew Zacher ’18 THE ROUNDUP The admissions process is a perennial task that, despite only two full