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OPINIONS: To tweet or not to tweet

Frankie Pastor ’20 THE ROUNDUP On Jan. 20, President Trump not only became the leader of the free world, but he also took over as a controversial steward of the most important virtual diary in the world–his Twitter account. Even with only 280 characters for each Twitter post, President Trump is capable of influencing the

“Hypebeast” culture impedes on individuality

Illustration by Camden Andl ’19 | A hypebeast stands atop a pile of clothes, sporting many popular hypebeast brands. By Camden Andl ’19 THE ROUNDUP The word hypebeast is a slang term to describe someone who obsessively purchases products and releases from “hyped” brands. Hypebeasts often do not care what an article of clothing looks

OPINIONS: Disruptive protest vital to raising awareness, but requires follow up.

By Kaleb Lucero ’18 THE ROUNDUP Attention is a resource, and persuading someone to believe in something requires their attention. The recent protest movements in America have been wildly successful at garnering the attention of the nation, but, as protests and public disturbances are usually, they have also been controversial. Specifically, the disruptive or violent

OPINIONS: Abortion too often forgotten in advocacy efforts

By Matthew Zacher ’18 THE ROUNDUP Advocacy efforts on campus this year have included remarkable, student-led campaigns to protect DREAMers (undocumented minors), condemn gun violence and promote mental health awareness. Students have also participated in the Civil Rights March on Martin Luther King Holiday, the Women’s March, the March for Life and the March for