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Feature Package: Phoenix City Limits

Feature Package: Phoenix City Limits

Graphic by Bryce Owen ’17  In 1928, a Jesuit high school sprouted from an arid patch of dirt not of a young downtown Phoenix. Since then, Brophy and Phoenix have matured together. Brophy students conduct complex projects at research institutions, fundraise for local hospitals, frequent Valley golf courses and perform at local theaters. This edition, The

Citizens must take action, state Legislature overlooked as outlet

By Hayden Welty ’19 THE ROUNDUP As I was reviewing some concepts for the Advanced Placement United States History exam this May, there was a line in my test prep book that resonated with me: “The Founding Fathers understood such a system to have hope of success only when the citizenry was moral and responsible.”

Trump Billboard conveys minority perspective, embodies 1st Amendment

By Juan Carlos Ramirez ’18 THE ROUNDUP If you drive down Grand Avenue and Taylor Street in Phoenix, you might have seen the President Donald Trump billboard that has caused a stir of political conversation. The artist of the Trump billboard, Karen Fiorito, is an ASU graduate who created the symbolic art that featured President

TopGolf provides unique atmosphere, integral in promoting sport

By Jack Davis ’19 THE ROUNDUP TopGolf is like the 21st Century bowling alley. A visitor at the trendy, multi-story driving range can spend time with friends and enjoy outside activity. All while also improving their golf game. At the turn of the millennium, TopGolf was founded in the United Kingdom. Since then, it has

Refereeing provides athletes with community interaction

By Spencer Inglett ‘19 THE ROUNDUP Some Brophy athletes have impacted the community through refereeing, utilizing their extensive knowledge of the sport to help kids and the community enjoy the game. Having played soccer for all his life, Connor White ’19 can be seen wearing the striped white and black uniform for various soccer leagues