2012 Summit Special Section

Brophy, Xavier alumni, students weigh effects of single-sex education

By Lauren D’Souza XCP ’14 & Julian De Ocampo ’13

From morning until the ring of the last bell, Brophy is almost like any other public high school in the most basic essence.

While the nuances might be different, Brophy is, on the surface level, ultimately a normal prep school where students arrive each day to learn the skills they need to prepare them for higher education and beyond.

With conflicting ideologies and gender inequality, it’s time for America to reflect
Commentary by Sarah Sakha XCP ’14 SPECIAL TO THE ROUNDUP Ism. Ism. Ism. Are “isms” good? I’m not talking about socialism, fascism, anarchism, communism. I’m talking about gender issues – feminism and sexism. Ferris Bueller (high school senior who decides to skip school and take a day off with his best friend and his girlfriend), said, “Isms’ in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an…
Gender relations at Summit’s center

Commentary by Joe Skoog ’13

This year’s Summit on Human Dignity focuses on gender and raises many questions regarding an important facet of gender: gender relations.

Gender relations are the way that males and females interact amongst each other and cohabitate.

Female politicians face uneven field
Commentary by Lauren D’Souza XCP ’14 SPECIAL TO THE ROUNDUP Here’s a challenge for you: can you name 10 women politicians? Think about it. Really think about it. The first few should be easy: Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Nancy Pelosi. But how many can you name beyond those? Currently, women make up 51 percent of the United States’ population, but only 17 percent of Congress. At…
Summit speakers to bring insight on masculinity
Summit committee draws from a number of sources to provide the best selection of speakers By P. Erik Meyer ’14 THE ROUNDUP The speakers for this year’s Summit on Human Dignity will be focusing on the topic of masculinity. At least three speakers from various backgrounds will help to spread awareness to Brophy students about the problems and issues revolving around men and their actions. Dr. Michael Kimmel One of…
Discrimination able to be defeated without coercion
Wage discrimination wrong, but more legislation is not solution Commentary by Aakash Jain ’14 THE ROUNDUP When Americans recognize problems in our society, they much too willingly turn to government for solutions. Our nation fails to understand the distinction between what people should do and what they can do. The American economist and author Thomas Sowell explained the danger this poses when he wrote, “What is ominous is the ease…
Summit to be met with maturity, positive action
Commentary by Erik T. Masingill ’12 THE ROUNDUP Although this year’s Summit on masculinity might be considered a joke to many teenage boys, the Brophy student body will not think the same. The Summit will not only cover masculinity, but will also cover gender equality. I think Brophy students will approach this Summit as another learning experience rather than a waste of their time. Mr. Ryan Hubbell defines the true…
Masculinity transcends stereotypes
Commentary by Maddy Fretto XCP ’13 SPECIAL TO THE ROUNDUP Throughout modern society, the view of what a “real” man is varies, depending upon what a person exposes themselves to, such as music or television. For example, the popular television show “Jersey Shore” shows men taking advantage of women and only focusing on themselves and their appearance. Lack of respect towards women is the message of some types of music,…
Femininity presently redefined
Commentary by Jackson Santy ’13 THE ROUNDUP Over past generations, the definition of femininity has been redefined by numerous voices. When asked what they thought femininity was, most Brophy students I spoke with did not have an answer. Some questioned whether or not it was a real word. Growing up with older sisters in my household and participating in coed extracurricular activities, I have seen firsthand the independent nature that…