Brophy History Package

Family name stays with school over decades

By Julian De Ocampo ’13
The word “Brophy” is uttered, typed and read every single day by hundreds upon hundreds of students and faculty.

It’s shouted at football games, the letters are painted on students’ bodies every Friday and it’s been printed on dozens of articles of clothing worn by hundreds.

Teachers recognize rich campus history
By Jonathan M. Gornet ’14 & Joshua Galvin ’13 THE ROUNDUP Looking at an aerial picture of the Brophy campus from 1928, the Brophy bell tower stands resolute much like the present day. Aesthetically, the buildings have maintained their timeless appearance, but the community housed within their walls has morphed and grown over the years. Mr. Tom Reithmann and Mr. Dan Whitehead are two teachers who have seen a wealth…
Trophy cases offer hidden gems from past
By Joe Skoog ’13 THE ROUNDUP A little bit of history can be found all throughout the halls of most Brophy buildings. This history comes in the form of trophies won in years past by Brophy students of yester year and today. In Robson Gym foyer alone, there are more than 265 trophies that have been compiled in trophy cases over the many years of school athletics. Most of the…
School foundation paves way for future growth
By Erik T. Masingill ’12 & Brett A. Mejia ’13 THE ROUNDUP In 1928, construction crews built the first buildings on the new school campus in Central Phoenix: Brophy Hall, the Chapel and Romley Hall, to house classrooms and later a gym. Brophy Hall, which at the time was named Regis Hall, also used to be where the counseling and administration offices were located. By 1980 the original locker room,…
Student clubs evolve to fit student interests, school mission
By Jonathan M. Gornet ’14 THE ROUNDUP Club presidents and leaders packed the Great Hall Sept. 1 to market their organizations at the annual club fair. The event allows students to see the multitudes of activity opportunities available to them. Currently Brophy offers students dozens of clubs to be a part of. But how did Brophy clubs begin? “It started because we wanted to give kids anything, it was literally…
Romley serves as residence, admin building
By Julian De Ocampo ’13 THE ROUNDUP While students roam the halls of Brophy’s various buildings each and every day, the aged halls of Romley Hall remain largely mysterious. Due to the minimum exposure students get to the building, the rumor mill often begins to turn in regards to the unexplored corners of one of the oldest buildings on campus. Romley, built at the school’s inception, is now 83 years…
Smith: Early immersion trips expand students’ horizons

By Josh Galvin ’13
The Roundup

Mr. Tommy Smith could not help but chuckle as he remembered the Greyhound bus ride to Los Angeles five years ago with Mr. John Damaso ’97 and eight students.

In the five years since that first trip, the L.A. Urban Plunge immersion has gained a stronger and stronger following, with 55 applicants in the past year, according to Mr. Smith.

Student publications develop as creative outlet
By Chase Stevens ’12 & Logan Hall ’14 THE ROUNDUP Sitting on their computers, students type furiously on their keyboards, fleshing out ideas from their minds to the monitor. They are not finishing an assignment due next period; instead, they are working on this year’s edition of the yearbook. The student publications at Brophy, including BLAM, the yearbook, The Roundup and The Wrangler, have had their own interesting history. BLAM,…
Robson Gym, Info Commons evolve, improve through the years
By Roan Enright ’13 THE ROUNDUP More than 45 years after building the Robson Gym, the Kemper and Ethel Marley Info Commons has evolved into what we see today. Originally the gym was built in the early 1960s and the present Info Commons was a storage facility. “The original plan for the gym included the basement, though plans were that it would be a large meeting space with a limited…