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Take action against unjust low wages

This year’s Summit on globalization spoke about how we must be citizens of the world and how we must help those who are oppressed by big business, though doing this may conflict with political ideas.

It is important for one with strong views who may oppose the suggestions presented by the speakers of the Summit to remember that the Summit is not on globalization; it is a summit on human dignity through the lens of globalization.

The main focus of this Summit, and the ones of the past, was to realize that there are people all over the world being robbed of their dignity.

U.S. economy’s nose dive rooted in sub-prime mortage deals

Over the past few years, the economy has taken a wild course and dropped into a recession, what some economists call the worst since the Great Depression.

Although it is rather a complicated concept to understand why the economy went into a recession, there is an explanation.

Jonathon Jarvis, an interaction and media designer, managed to lay out the situation in his animated short film “The Crisis of Credit,” which can be found on YouTube.

Economic focus delivers important message

Brophy has traditionally put on a fairly good Summit.

The topics have been controversial to say the least, but this is to be expected from topics which carry such importance.

Each has also been covered very well, and stimulated much discussion and argumentation.

Student committee prepares workshops, field trips

About 20 Brophy students ranging from sophomores to seniors engage in a back and forth conversation in room K-10 in early January trying to get the last minute details ready for this year’s Summit on Human Dignity.

This group of students, officially known as the Student Summit Planning Committee, has been working hard since October to offer students a Summit they can not only relate to, but enjoy and learn from to make changes in their life.

Summit to make room at the table

In this time of economic recession, many people are slowly realizing the impact the United States perpetuates on the world around it.
This theme is the subject of this year’s Summit on Human Dignity: globalization.
The official title of the 2010 Summit on Human Dignity that will run from Feb. 22 to March 5 is “Room at the Table: Globalization, Economic Justice and Human Dignity.”
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