Obama’s first year filled with plenty of show, little substance

President Barack Obama has faced many problems in his fledgling administration: the economy, two wars and potential nuclear development in North Korea and Iran.

One has to ask what the president is doing running around collecting Nobel Prizes and trying to secure an Olympic bid for Chicago?

It should be apparent that in these troubled times we have bigger problems than tourism and public image.

Senior football standout proves determination trumps size

Walking through campus on Friday, the white numbers on Brophy football jerseys pop out amongst the sea of red t-shirts.

The jersey number and size are sometimes a clear insight into what position each player holds. However, this is not always the case and sometimes can be much different than any fan might expect.

The most evident example of this might possibly be senior Peter Kelly ’10.

Golf team looks to end season strong

Two matches and one tournament is all the varsity golf team has left to prove that they are still among the top competitors in high school golf.

The team showed they still have it with a match win against Pinnacle and North Canyon Oct. 6.

“I think that things are starting to turn around for us,” said coach Mr. Jon Shores. “The team is starting to do a little bit better. We got off to a slow start, guys weren’t playing all that great, and for whatever reason five guys weren’t playing well. But the last couple of weeks the guys have really started to play a lot better.”

Go Diego, go! Sophomore credits success to off-season work

When most people jump into a pool it’s to cool off or relax.

Not Brophy swimmers. As soon as they hit the water it’s hard work from August to November.

Diego Valenzuela ’12 has been swimming ever since he was nine years old. His mother pushed him towards the sport because she too was a swimmer.

Luna garners ‘monumental’ international karate award for ability

Brophy sophomore Nico Luna ’12 competed in a Japanese international karate tournament, and in the end, he walked out with the Top Male Competitor Award and a huge smile on his face.

“For me this achievement is monumental,” Luna said. “I can’t explain in words how much of an honor it is that I was chosen by the headmasters to achieve this award.

“Only one person out of thousands of people get this award and there were so many great competitors that even though the tournament is dominated by the Japanese, this shows just how tough and strong we are.”

‘The Shack’ definitely not ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’

In William P. Young’s “The Shack,” a man, Mack, struggling with his faith in the aftermath of a tragic personal loss meets God in a deserted mountain shack.

The book is billed as potentially having the same effect on our generation John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress” had on his, and is a New York Times best seller, with over 2 million copies in print.

The Brophy Religious Studies Department chose to use the book in Senior Synthesis classes because “it raises themes and questions about suffering and forgiveness, and relationships with God and between human beings,” said department Chairman Mr. Jimmy Tricco ’99. “The number one reason we picked ‘The Shack’ was to provide an opportunity to reflect on experiences of God.”

‘The Shack’ inspires deep thought with unique approach

I’m not going to pretend I was greatly enthused at the prospect of reading “The Shack.”

I’d heard of it before it was assigned as summer reading for all seniors as a precursor to their Senior Synthesis class, and it seemed like the sort of hokey self-help book I despise.

Before I started reading, I found myself scoffing at the seemingly contrived plot and the rather blunt religious message.

Xavier Gator

Could I get your full name and year?

As in birth year?

No, what grade are you in?

I am a junior, graduating class of 2011.

And your name?

We’ll go with the non-Catholic version, Katherine Anastasia Beals.

Brophy spoils Desert Vista’s homecoming game

Turnovers and a strong second half helped the Brophy Broncos ruin Desert Vista’s homecoming game Oct. 30.

By night’s end senior running back Max Leonesio ’10 had four touchdown runs and the Broncos topped the Thunder 47-24.