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‘Wild Things’ speaks to inner child

It is rare when a movie based on a book summarizes everything the book was enjoyed for.

It is even rarer to find a movie that will add a new layer of complexity to the story.

Studios often make the mistake of taking a well known property (“Harry Potter” for instance) and mass-producing it to the public with little respect given to the original source material.

Hamilton outlasts Brophy second half comeback

Phoenix College’s Hoy Stadium might as well have been renamed Heartbreak Hotel Friday, Oct. 23.

Despite Brophy overcoming a 21-0 first half shutout and tying the game, Hamilton was able to hold off the late Bronco surge and take the win, 24-21.

Brophy deals full house on Casino Night

The hum of slot machines, the clink of poker chips, the buzz of students as they hope for raffle prizes; these are the sounds of Brophy’s Casino Night.

This late-night event took place on Thursday Oct. 8, in the Great Hall from 8 to 11 p.m.

Clowns, Twinkies and brains take the screen

Welcome to Zombieland, a world where the living dead rule the planet and a handful of survivors are in search of a sanctuary–as well as some Twinkies.

Joining the ranks of horror comedies featuring most notably “Shawn of the Dead,” “Zombieland” does nothing revolutionary, yet still manages to produce brilliant moments that make the movie well worth your time.

Start your 4-Day weekend with Casino Night

In students’ stressful lives at Brophy, one has to take advantage of a vacation whenever possible.

This weekend, starting Oct. 9, is one of those times, and students have a diocesan faculty in-service as well as Christopher Columbus to thank. There will not be classes Friday, Oct. 9 or Monday, Oct. 12.

For those staying in town, Harper Great Hall will be transformed into a full blown casino where luck reigns supreme for Brophy’s Casino Night.

Leonesio leads Broncos to big region victory

Max Leonesio ’10 scored five touchdowns and rushed for more than 250 yards to lead the Brophy Broncos past the Red Mountain Lions Oct. 2 in Mesa.

“It was a great team effort,” Leonesio said. “The offense worked well.”

State to blame for vending machine changes

Since school resumed a couple months ago, vending machines around campus have gone through some major changes.

It started with simple pieces of paper that had been taped to the machines stating that the machine was “out of order.”

While some students did not take notice of this change, other frequent purchasers began to grow a bit worried.

Tablets, tech advances create constant change

Brophy students study history and learn about the Ice Age, the Dark Age and the Middle Ages; Brophy is now feeling the full impact of the Tablet Age.

In the Tablet Age, the only thing that remains unchanged is change itself.

As Tablets became the campus norm, Brophy changed from a typical high school into a cyber-school. Now that every student possesses a Tablet, there are e-mail announcements, online quizzes and the technology room is busier than ever.

New teachers bring diverse backgrounds

A great education, an exceptional athletic program, many extra-curricular activities; all of these and more are contributing factors to why students come to Brophy.

But what is it that attracts teachers?

Brophy added six new faculty members this year: Ms. Lauren Karp, Ms. Maria Dominguez-Sullivan, Mr. John Taylor, Mr. Bosco Ho, SJ, Mr. Michael Knickrehm, SJ, and Mr. Eddie Cullen.