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Roundup makes online changes

Good morning, Brophy! Just a few quick announcements before we begin this year at The Roundup from Editors in Chief Dallas Ducar ’10 and Andrew Atallah ’10.

Broncos spend summer immersed in Argentina

This past summer on May 31, Brophy sent 10 students on a cultural immersion trip to Santa Fe, Argentina.

As every school year ends, many students think about the freedom and relaxation that accompanies summer.

A select few, however, have the opportunity to travel to another country and immerse themselves into another culture, learning many new things about that country and quite often about themselves.

Computerized campus adjusts to learning curve

Three years ago, I was one of a few hundred green Brophy freshmen standing in line to collect their computers as part of the new Tablet program.

We have since had the unique experience of watching the program evolve from being a class-exclusive experience to being a school-wide phenomenon.

Students will drink soda despite vending change

It’s more than 100 degrees outside as I wait in the seemingly endless Brophy lunch line, for a soda.

I can’t help but think that this took less time and money the previous year.

This year regular soda was removed from the campus vending machines in favor of more healthy options.

Brophy eco-students globetrot their way to Germany

Five Brophy students scramble off a departing German tram and walk past the sign for the Jesuit retreat center Henrich Pesch Haus.

These students are not Brophy’s European Jesuit counterparts, but in fact Brophy students about to join an international conference on climate change.

Peru immersion trip provides students with experience of a lifetime

On June 1 this last summer seven anxious Brophy students met at Sky Harbor Airport and said farewell to their families and their country as they prepared to embark on the trip of a lifetime.

This trip was a 25-day Brophy sponsored immersion trip to Peru, where the main objective was to help build two houses for families.

To accompany the seven Brophy students were teachers Mr. JP Jarczyk ’99, Deacon Joe Stickney and Mr. Lloyd Daggett.

More to recent Honduran politics than first meets the eye

Central America was thrown into chaos this summer when the Honduran head of state Manuel Zelaya Rosales was forced out of power by his own armed forces.

Controversy in the nation stemmed from the former president’s plan to overhaul the Honduran constitution. In early 2009 Zelaya announced plans for “La Cuarta Urna,” a vote to gauge the nation’s opinion on redoing the governing document and allowing for Mr. Zelaya’s eternal reelection.

Brophy golf loses 2 seniors but still swinging up to par

The Brophy golf team has teed up for the season.

The cuts are made, the gear distributed and the matches have begun. The tryouts consisted of two nine-hole rounds at Encanto, a round of cuts, a round of nine at the Grayhawk Talon course and then another 18 holes.

The Varsity team lost two seniors last year, one of whom was in the top five in the state. With the loss also came the gain of four freshman on varsity, and six freshman in the entire golf program.

‘Grapes of Wrath’ ripens this fall

Spending two and a half hours a day after school for the next two months with Ms. Dorothy Dunnion memorizing pages and pages of dialogue might sound like some sort of punishment that not even Mr. Bopp could come up with

But for the cast of “The Grapes of Wrath,” this is just rehearsal.