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Mingus Mountain offers nearby camping retreat

The smell of the cool mountain air began to waft into the car, reminding me of why I had left the city a little more than an hour ago.

My friend, acting as navigator for the day, and I were well on our way to our final destination of Mingus Mountain northeast of Prescott.

Just a short drive out of the greater Phoenix area, you find yourself surrounded by pine trees and pleasant breezes that are a result of a nearly 7,000 foot elevation change in just an hour and a half.

‘District 9’ provides explosive action and people

On Aug. 14, American audiences bared witness to the premiere of “District 9,” an epic sci-fi production directed and co-written by Neil Blomkamp and co-produced by Peter Jackson.

While Peter Jackson may sound familiar to fans of the “Lord of the Rings” movies and “King Kong,” the name Blomkamp may be somewhat unfamiliar to those who are alien to independent filming – or to the “Halo” video game series, for which Blomkamp was lined up to work on a film adaptation.

Xavier Gator

What is your Name and Year?
Dana Lundblad and I am a Junior.

What do you do in your free time?
I like to hang out with my friends.

It Came From the Internet

Those who play “The Game” may be cursing under their breath. But aside from making you lose, this is meant to educate those who don’t know how to play.

The Game is a paradoxical attempt to pass time that has a few simple rules.

Brophy tops Chandler in overtime thriller

A blocked kick and a successful Brophy extra point attempt were the deciding factors in the Bronco’s nail-biter win Sept. 26.
Brophy beat the Chandler Wolves 27-26 in overtime Friday night in the Bronco’s Homecoming Game at Phoenix College Stadium.

BCP completes Tablet conversion

Welcome to Classroom 2.0.
This year’s incoming freshmen make up the fourth “Tablet class,” marking the first year in Brophy history that all four classes are equipped with personal computers.

Brophy introduces unique political perspective to students

Brophy promises to make students men for others by the time graduation comes around, but what else does Brophy change in it’s students?
Current seniors can think back to freshman year and remember the political controversy surrounding the Summit on immigration. Did Brophy help to shape the political and spiritual views of those students?

Brophy vs. Hamilton to be featured on Fox Sports

Brophy’s football game against the Hamilton Huskies will be shown on FOX Sports Arizona on Friday, Oct. 23 at 7 p.m. for the “Farmers Game of the Week” package.
The game will be played at Phoenix College and will be shown in approximately 2.8 million households in Arizona and New Mexico.

Brophy beefs up local businesses

Anyone who has visited AJ’s on Friday during the fall, winter or spring is familiar with the tidal wave of collared shirts and red clothing that arrives around noon.
Swelling lines, opening wallets and cash registers, devoured meals and filled tables are all results of the customer monsoon that is the younger portion of the Brophy student body.