Photo Essay: Spring Fling
Sophomore Max Fees ’17 organizes the Spring Fling whiteboard during the first hour Leadership class. By Brendan Burg ’17 SPECIAL TO THE ROUNDUP When the senior members of Brophy Student Council were asked the tough question, “What is going to be the footprint you leave behind on this campus?” on the annual Student Council retreat, the Spring Fling was born. After months of imagining and planning what this event would look like, it…
Photo Essay: Student Activities
Students practice their juggling skills on the lawn as part of Brophy’s new Juggling Club. By Bryce Owen ’17 SPECIAL TO THE ROUNDUP As soon as the bell rings, eager students rush through the halls and out the doors. Whether they are headed to a meeting for a club or just to hang out with friends, students participate in a wide variety of activities outside of the classroom. Brophy has…
Special Feature: Beyond the Bell
Photo by Alec Vick ’15 | Nick Park ’15 reads the U-Haul News in his office cubicle. Park works at the U-Haul Corporate Offices in Downtown Phoenix. Students are commonly involved on campus with a variety of Brophy sponsored activities. But one important aspect of becoming a well-rounded student is participating in activities outside of school. This month we take a look at what students, and even faculty members, are…
Photo Story: A quest for the Shooting Sports cup
Photos by David Meyers ’13 SPECIAL TO THE ROUNDUP On Saturday March 31, 2012 Brophy College Preparatory Shooting Sports team took the field for the 2012 Commissioner’s Cup. Thirty-four members represented Brophy in this major event in the Arizona shooting community. Established late last year, Brophy Shooting Sports is the newest club sport offered at Brophy. Brophy is the second high school in the state to offer a shooting team.…
Cast, crew prepare for ‘Death of a Salesman’

By Jack Macias ’14
The acting crew seemed completely unfazed and focused amidst commotion: woodshop sounds in the back, the stage crew trying to get everything organized on the stage and actors rehearsing lines.

The stage seems like it is in a chaos.

But it’s not, said Ms. Dorothy Dunnion.

Robotics team creates mechanized miracles

By Julian De Ocampo ’13 & Dillan Ducar ’13

Heavy beats were blasting from the stereo as students were busy boring holes through metal, programming the latest codes and piloting a large robot around the room.

Meeting nearly every day on the second floor of Loyola Hall, the robotics team is hard at work preparing new robots for upcoming events.

With the guidance of Mr. Andy Mazzolini and other Brophy faculty members, the students use power tools to craft new parts, constantly improving their robots.

Student should focus on academics over athletics

By Chase Stevens ’12

One part of the AIMS test this year was a passage where a speech and debate student wrote a letter to the school newspaper saying that it should run more stories about academic clubs, rather than sports.

Most people just read the passage, answered the questions and moved on.

However, the message behind the reading was a very strong one and one that should be heavily considered.

Summer break right around the corner now

Attention all students: Summer vacation is not too far away.

The days of seemingly endless school days and countless hours of homework are soon to be over—at least for a short time.

If you are taking summer school, then you may face homework filled afternoons but definitely not like those of the regular school year. With one or maybe two classes, there will still be free time in the summer and after summer school there is still a month of school-less-ness.