Student participation skyrockets

Lately around campus it seems there has been more and more things to do.

No, I’m not talking about homework or college applications (while those may be piling up as well) but instead actual activities to do.

Pick any school day and usually you will find an e-mail inbox full of announcements, classrooms full with club meetings and the gym packed with students ready to compete.

Splish splash at Beach Day ’09

Upon entering campus on Sept. 24th, I could see hundreds of students wearing board shorts, carrying colorful towels, sporting flip flops and varied sunglasses.

I thought these beach goers had taken a wrong turn on their way to California.

Instead, they were celebrating Beach Day. Beach Day when Brophy students are allowed to forego their formal dress clothes and instead wear beach attire.

Brophy deals full house on Casino Night

The hum of slot machines, the clink of poker chips, the buzz of students as they hope for raffle prizes; these are the sounds of Brophy’s Casino Night.

This late-night event took place on Thursday Oct. 8, in the Great Hall from 8 to 11 p.m.

Start your 4-Day weekend with Casino Night

In students’ stressful lives at Brophy, one has to take advantage of a vacation whenever possible.

This weekend, starting Oct. 9, is one of those times, and students have a diocesan faculty in-service as well as Christopher Columbus to thank. There will not be classes Friday, Oct. 9 or Monday, Oct. 12.

For those staying in town, Harper Great Hall will be transformed into a full blown casino where luck reigns supreme for Brophy’s Casino Night.