Alex Stanley

Cliques exist at Brophy, but not like movies
By Alex Stanley ’12 THE ROUNDUP In movies, high school students tend to be classified into stereotypical cliques such as jocks, nerds, punks, etc. Hollywood does tend to have a knack for exaggeration, but do some of their classifications ring true? “Somewhat, but not to the extent that Hollywood makes it out to be,” said Trevor Skelton ’12. “There’s more interconnection at Brophy between cliques.” He added that there are…
Andrew Bird’s ‘Break It Yourself’ respectable, nothing new

Andrew Bird – “Break it Yourself”

7.0 out of 10

Andrew Bird’s first album since his 2009 release “Noble Beast,” “Break It Yourself,” is typical Andrew Bird.

The folk musician from the Midwest has an incredibly particular style, filled with violin playing, whistling and complex, poetic lyrics.

Substance abuse shows different side of students

By Julian De Ocampo ’13 & Alex Stanley ’12
Three-fourths of the seniors that walk the hallways of Brophy have consumed alcohol at one point in time—that is if Brophy applies to the national averages given by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.
“Substance abuse is a cultural issue in the United States,” said Dean Mr. Pat Higgins.

Do-it-all religion teacher Fisko explains the beautiful game, corners

By Alex Stanley ’12

Ms. Guffey’s question from February 2012 “Teacher’s Pet”: Who is your favorite student and why?

Well, I have a lot of favorite students.

But, I will say my favorite student is the one who graduates actually having fulfilled the grad at grad.

Where were you born?

Chicago, Ill.

‘Bronies’ form unique club on campus
By Alex Stanley ’12 THE ROUNDUP In the 45 minutes allotted during a normal Tuesday lunch, a group of a bit more than 10 students meet in B206 in a space where they are comfortable, even with what some may call an off-beat interest. They are themselves in the meeting, and they are supported in their interest. Among the camaraderie a visitor might hear names such as Twilight Sparkle, Celestia,…
Be polite, please: Students lack common courtesy
The Issue: Many students are going about everyday activities without the usual politeness that many people would expect from Brophy students. Our Stance: Common courtesy is important in this day and age. There are five grad at grad concepts that Brophy tries to beat into students’ heads before they leave after four years: intellectually competent, spiritual, open to growth, committed to justice and loving. But a quick stroll around campus,…
Broncos strike into quarterfinals, win with five against San Luis
Brophy 5 San Luis 0 By Alex Stanley ’12 THE ROUNDUP Riggs Lennon ’13 completed a hat-trick in Brophy soccer’s 5-0 first-round playoff win against the San Luis Sidewinders Tuesday, Jan. 31. The game, held at Chaparral High School, featured the No. 6 ranked Broncos against the No. 11 ranked Sidewinders. Lennon ended his slow start to the game with a header off of a throw-in, a close-range cutback shot…
Maintenance team does necessary, behind-the-scenes work
By Alex Stanley ’12 THE ROUNDUP Maintenance worker Mr. Mark Radolinski, affectionately known throughout campus as “Polish Mark,” grins in his signature “Polska” hat, while layering plywood with several coats of white spray paint. The pile of white slabs would eventually turn up to be support for a “big screen” in K24, one of Mr. Radolinski’s many jobs on the week. He immigrated to Arizona from Poland through an immigration…