Alex Stanley

Occupy Wall Street still has ways to go

Staff Editorial

The Issue: Occupy Wall Street protesters are advocating against corporate greed and the increasing divide between the rich and poor.
Our Stance: The protesters are justified in their demonstrations; however, they fail to realize the entire scope of the problem, and are somewhat hypocritical in what they choose to fight against.

M83’s dreamy new album proves to be good listen

By Alex Stanley ’12

M83 – “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming”

8 out of 10

M83’s new album “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” could not have a more fitting title.

The man under the mask of M83, Frenchman Anthony Gonzalez, captures the essence of dreamy music in this new age of electronic pop.

The first song, “Intro,” sets up the album perfectly. With synthesized background music and wistful lyrics it makes one feel like they are drifting through the stars.

New math teacher, Mason, seeks interior designer

By Alex Stanley ’12

Mr. Broyles’ question from May 2011 “Teacher’s Pet”: What are your top three movies of all time and why?

One would have to be “The Princess Bride,” it is just a classic.

I first watched it at my grandparent’s house and didn’t really understand it. But my cousin told me it was the best movie ever, and I have liked it since then.

Republican candidates more talk than walk

By Alex Stanley ’12

With another election just a year away, Republican campaigning is in full force to try to beat President Barack Obama.

The candidates hold a tremendous amount of hate against Obama, with few reasons behind it, and a few have skewed views.

A couple of interesting candidates are Gov. Rick Perry and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann.

The Roundup wins two national awards

By Alex Stanley ’12
THE ROUNDUP/Co-Editor in Chief

The Roundup is the recipient of two National Scholastic Press Association awards in the organization’s 2011 contest.

Rohan Andresen ’12 won honorable mention for Page One Design in the April edition, placing within the top nine in the country.

The staff also claimed honorable mention for the “Soul of Brophy” multimedia package, one of 10 in the country that received an award.

Appalachia immersion trip provides valuable experience

By Alex Stanley ’12


While many Brophy students were catching up on sleep two days after finals finished, nine students and three faculty members made a long trek to West Virginia to help serve the poor and disadvantaged.

I had the pleasure of going on the trip, where we visited towns, both small and big, with the purpose of immersion into the people’s daily lives.

The trip was in cooperation with Wheeling Jesuit, which provided guides, a place to stay and activities to do.

Dean: harassment of freshmen not a problem

By Alex Stanley ’12

Whether it is eating a gallon of mayonnaise in 15 minutes or chasing after a freshman who “took your dollar,” freshman hazing is a serious problem at schools around the country.

Many schools, whether at the high school or college level, have freshman harassment take place on their campus.

It Came From the Internet

By Alex Stanley ’12
The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks

A sign reads: We Have “Fish Tacos.”

One might ask, why is fish tacos in quotation marks? Then the mind travels to what the author actually meant when they placed the quotation marks.

Was it a mistake, or are those fish taco imitators?

This is the forte of this blog, poking fun at the blatant misuse of quotation marks.

White Lies new album ‘Ritual’ brings similarity, quality expected from band

By Alex Stanley ’12

White Lies’ new album “Ritual” is a continuation of what they did so well with their prior release of “To Lose My Life.”

White Lies, a British rock band who first hit the music scene with their album “To Lose My Life,” are at it again with their recent release.

They are well known for their dim and depressing sound, which has become popular as they reached No. 1 on the UK charts with “To Lose My Life,” according to Pitchfork.