Little film that could beats box office behemoth at Oscars this year

The Oscars are long done and the victor has been chosen.

According to Hollywood, the best film of 2009 was “The Hurt Locker,” a gritty war film about a man who disarms bombs for a living in modern day Iraq.

Going into the Oscars, it looked as if the only other film to beat it would be

“Avatar,” a sci-fi movie about a paraplegic ex-marine who travels to a faraway planet named Pandora in the distant future.

Breathtaking ‘Avatar’ makes up for weak story with spectacle

Coming in among waves of speculation, “Avatar” has finally arrived in theaters.

Director James Cameron supposedly sank over $300 million into this project that he says will change cinema forever.

All of this talk has created a backlash, and it makes sense considering the trailers are somewhat underwhelming and the story seems suspiciously familiar.