‘Best Day Ever’ meets, raises expectations

By Tyler J. Scott ’12

The hip-hop music venue is changing and no one has been a bigger catalyst than Pittsburgh-bred, up-and-coming rap artist Mac Miller.

Miller has captured fans with his hard-hitting lyricism and his knack for connecting to a high school audience.

Journalism I brings fresh faces, fresher style to newsroom

By Joe Skoog ’13

For the students in Mr. Mica Mulloy’s ’99 Journalism I class, things can seem quite daunting.

Introduction to the writing styles of journalism is a new experience for many, and there are a lot of pressures that spawn from the “hit the ground running” mentality that The Roundup has.

The Roundup staff consists of two groups of students that meet during the same class period. First year students make up the Journalism I class and second year students make up the Photojournalism course.

Arizona should choose a state gun

By Chase Stevens ’12

Recently, many Arizonans have begun advocating for naming the Colt Single-Action Army Revolver, or the Colt SAA, as the state gun.

If the state legislature did pass the bill naming the Colt SAA as the state gun, Arizona would be the first state in the United States to have an official state gun.

Videogames help define our generation

By Chase Stevens ’12

Explosions are everywhere, gunshots ring out, there’s a helicopter in the sky and I have to go capture the other team’s flag.

This experience is not so uncommon to kids today thanks to videogames.

Controversial research spurs criticism in scientific community

By Aakash Jain ’14

British researcher Andrew Wakefield published a paper, “MMR vaccination and autism,” in The Lancet, Feb. 28,1998, proposing a strong correlation between the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine, autism, and a form of inflammatory bowel disease he called Autistic enterocolitis.

In the paper, Wakefield emphasized the relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism was unclear.

Summit hits harder than last year

By Dillan J. Ducar ’13

Brophy has a reputation for scholarly excellence in central Phoenix so it is no surprise that no other high school has an event like the Summit on Human Dignity, where we take time from our studies to express a much higher cause.

Though the Summit is always a highlight, this year’s topic of food was what I believe to be a harder hitting subject than last year’s focus on the economy.

We were shown how diet related disease has been on the rise, as our American meal standards decreased in quality.

Dean and Ravo show promise with new mixtape

By Ben Jackson ’11

New York-based hip-hop duo Dean and Ravo released their new mixtape “A to B” Feb. 28 via the music blog

On “A to B” the duo released 12 tracks.

Dean and Ravo’s music is considered hip-hop, but they have a style of music that is much different from many other hip-hop groups today.

Observers split over importance of online social media in Egypt

By Eric Villanueva ’11

“The flames of the protests in Egypt are being covered and perhaps fanned by media old and new. Organizers found supporters and planned protests through Facebook, Twitter and text messaging, at least until Internet and cellular communications were shut down,” NPR’s All Things Considered reported Friday, Jan. 28.

While many news agencies label online social media as fanning recent unrest in the Middle East, other observers hold varying views on the importance of social networking sites in the organizing and planning of these mass demonstrations.

In Egypt’s case, online social media use has permeated the society, with more than 20 million Egyptian Internet and Facebook users, creating a new space for Egyptians to communicate, according to Professor Adel Iskandar, a media and communications lecturer at Georgetown University.

Oscar night to be full of expecting the unexpected

By Jackson Santy ’13

The time has come, and the long awaited nominations for this year’s Academy Awards are in.

This year’s ballot is filled with an abundance of riveting films that did not fail to impress. Critics are setting their sights for the big names this year (The King’s Speech specifically) but I think differently.

Feb. 27 will be a night of the unexpected, names average movie fans may have never heard may be called up to receive their golden statuette.