Words from the wise is made by students, not staff

Every month, the staff of The Roundup takes pride in seeing the new edition spread throughout the Brophy community.

More often than not, students will immediately flip over to the back page, home of the “Words from the Wise.” This is a column that is intended to be funny, topical, pertinent or thought provoking.

It’s no secret that people like funny quotes the most, and we occasionally hear rumblings of a desire for “more funny.”

Media makes weary witchcraft remarks

By Rohan Andresen ’12
Recently under the political spotlight is Christine O’Donnell, the Republican nominee in Delaware’s 2010 Senate special election.

O’Donnell has been brought to the media’s attention for the accusations of her being involved in witchcraft.

She admitted on Bill Maher’s “Politically Incorrect” in 1999 that she had dabbled in witchcraft when she was in high school and “hung around” people who were involved with witchcraft.

Staff editorial gives newspaper a voice on current issues

In this edition, The Roundup published a staff editorial about the highly-debated SB 1070.

Instead of an opinion article bearing only the views of the author, a staff editorial is written by a board of editors and it states the opinion of the newspaper on local, state and national issues.

A staff editorial gives a voice to the publication as a whole on behalf of its readers.

The Roundup active over summer break with blog posts

While many students may have taken time off over the summer to relax, The Roundup was still active bringing you updates on summer movies, Brophy’s track team’s success at the Nike National tournament and summer immersion trips and debuting several new online blogs.

Over the summer The Roundup also debuted two new online blogs: My Two Cents and The Bronco Beat.

My Two Cents is an opinion column giving The Roundup writers a voice on current local, national and global issues. News Editor Rohan Andresen ’12 was the first post to this blog with a post about his experiences on the Puebla immersion trip this summer.

Brophy to compete in Nike National Track Championship

The Brophy track team has covered a lot of ground this season, but will soon sprint to Oregon to compete for the national championship.

Nike is sponsoring a national championship for the top 12 track programs from across the country.

As the No. 1 team in the Southwest region, Brophy was invited to compete in the meet on July 2, in Eugene, Ore.