Chase Stevens

It Came From the Internet
By Chase Stevens ’12 THE ROUNDUP Have you ever seen something so stupid on the internet that words could not describe it? allows you to accurately communicate your contempt and disgust towards said idiocy. The website is a collections of reactions from various forms of media, from TV shows to movies, that allow you to express your emotions in ways not formerly possible on the Internet. They do…
Government teacher Guffey dislikes cartoons, wants to become pterodactyl
By Chase Stevens ’12 THE ROUNDUP Ms. Kelly Guffey Mr. Bradley’s question from December 2011 “Teacher’s Pet”: If you could be any kind of animal, what kind would you be and why? I want to be a pterodactyl – a dinosaur bird. I want to be a bird, so I could fly around, but I don’t want to be a pigeon or anything. What is your favorite musician/band? Jurassic 5.…
Administrators say drug dogs prevent drugs, keep safe environment
By Chase Stevens ’12 THE ROUNDUP Many students have recently noticed drug sniffing dogs doing their job during lunch. While many may think these dogs are a new addition to the campus, they have been around for a while. “The canine unit has been around for five years. We switched to a new company this year,” said Dean Mr. Patrick Higgins. “We have had the drug dogs on campus for…
Student publications develop as creative outlet
By Chase Stevens ’12 & Logan Hall ’14 THE ROUNDUP Sitting on their computers, students type furiously on their keyboards, fleshing out ideas from their minds to the monitor. They are not finishing an assignment due next period; instead, they are working on this year’s edition of the yearbook. The student publications at Brophy, including BLAM, the yearbook, The Roundup and The Wrangler, have had their own interesting history. BLAM,…
Sylvia’s provides quality Mexican food

By Chase Stevens ’12

When most people think of Mexican food, images of a Chipotle burrito or a Taco Bell quesadilla enter their minds.

However, Sylvia’s on 7th Avenue is a step above today’s mass-produced Mexican food and offers authentic cuisine.

Once you are seated by the staff, you are presented with complimentary high quality chips and salsa.

Student leaders give advice to students

By Chase Stevens ’12

While many Brophy students are exemplary role models, there are some that step up and help lead the community.

Keith Bender ’11 and Jeff Coltin ’11 are two of those leaders who show others how to act.