Chasing the News

Arizona should choose a state gun

By Chase Stevens ’12

Recently, many Arizonans have begun advocating for naming the Colt Single-Action Army Revolver, or the Colt SAA, as the state gun.

If the state legislature did pass the bill naming the Colt SAA as the state gun, Arizona would be the first state in the United States to have an official state gun.

Arizona has mixed-up midterms

By Chase Stevens ’12

On Nov. 3, after the results of the midterm elections were held, one could hear a faint weeping coming from the 216th room in the Eller building.

Mr. Tom Danforth ’78 and other liberals alike were rather upset over the results of the midterm elections.

The fact that Ben Quayle, running on a platform of going to Washington and knocking the hell out the place, got elected as a U.S. Representative is an insult to democracy. It proves that not everyone should have the right to vote.

Gov. Jan Brewer managed to not have a horribly long awkward pause in her political career by keeping her position as Arizona governor.

Opponents of ‘Ground Zero’ Mosque oppress Muslims

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is building a community center called Park51, located two blocks away from Ground Zero, where the World Trade Center once stood in New York City, which includes an area for Muslims to pray.

Called the “Ground Zero Mosque,” there are many people that oppose this community center being built.

These people range from misinformed to racist.