Chris Baca

‘Age of Empires Online’ breaks the traditional RTS mold

By Chris Baca ’11

Over 13 years ago, the very first “Age of Empires” computer game came out and while it did not have the impact of later descendents it laid the groundwork for them.

This one game spawned a widely acclaimed and lucrative series.

The next step for the Age of Empires series is online.

The soon to be newest entry into the video game market, “Age of Empires Online,” promises to astound players with stylized graphics, online play and a low price.

Family to Family inspires hope for young El Salvadorians

By Chris Baca ’11

Completing high school is something that many people in today’s culture do not see as a major accomplishment.

However, for the residents of two villages in El Salvador, this is a near impossibility.

This sentiment was shared by Michael-Owen Panzarella’11 who said in his blog, “In America we are forced to go to school through 12th grade.”

It’s never been a better time to be a gamer

By Chris Baca’11

With the immense popularity of video games it is almost a chore wading through the great, good and bad video games.

Once you get past this there is the added problem, due to the price, of deciding which games you can actually buy.

Here are the five best games, in my opinion, coming out in the next few months.