Club Fair

Club expo draws in big crowd once again as students look for clubs to join
Photo by Edwin Perez ‘18 | Students sign up for clubs during club expo. By Michael Niezgodzki ’18 THE ROUNDUP Hundreds of Brophy’s student body assembled in the northwest corner of the Great Hall to view Brophy’s club exposition at lunch on Tuesday Sept 12th. Club posters and trifolds filled the hall as club leaders tried to recruit new members. Right in the middle of the expo there was the…
Video: Club Fair promotes student involvement
By Austin Norville ’15 & Garrison Murphy ’15 THE ROUNDUP Students convene in the Great Hall Sept. 15-17 for the annual Club Fair, where students come to represent their clubs or seek their niche within the community.
New Mountain Biking club awaits club fair to begin season
Tanner Nypen ’15 THE ROUNDUP Late last year, the idea for a mountain biking club emerged from the minds of students and teachers. However, this is not just another club that will be advertised at the club fair, this is a full on mountain biking team that Brophy has formed under the NICA, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. “We are planning on four scheduled races in the fall… one is…
Club fair showcases exciting extracurricular outlets

By Sean Harris ’11

The whole Brophy student body was herded into the Great Hall after fourth period Sept. 2, and greeted to the sight of colorful poster boards, boisterous campaigning and sign-up sheets with scrawled e-mail addresses.

Amid the shoving and the loud thumping of techo coming from the Techno Tuesday stand, one could hear the beat of drums being played by Nicolas Espinosa ’11 coming from the center of the Great Hall. Espinosa was there promoting his own first year club called the Brophy Drum Circle.

“Music has always been an activity I enjoyed, so I thought I’d bring it to the Brophy community,” Espinosa said.