Brophy Outdoor Leadership Training provides valuable experience
By Andrew Jordan ’18 THE ROUNDUP The Brophy Outdoor Leadership Training club, BOLT, teaches vital skills through outdoor excursions. The creators behind BOLT are co-presidents Carson Kurtz ’18 and Chris Agnone ’18 which is facilitated by moderator Mr. Cooper Davis ’11. “Chris and I have always been big outdoorsmen through hunting trips, backpacking, and camp outs,” Kurtz said. “With me being an Eagle Scout and Chris being an avid hunter…
Hip Hop Appreciation Club focuses on education, not just music
Photo by AK Alilonu ’16 – Hip Hop Club members look at lyrics during a recent meeting. The hip-hop club meets every other Tuesday to discuss hip-hop lyrics in Mrs. Susan Maynard’s room. By Anthony Cardellini ’17 THE ROUNDUP In Ms. Susan Maynard’s room on the second floor of Brophy Hall, a club meets that is more related to education and learning than anyone might think. The Hip Hop Appreciation…
Students interact with disabled through Best Buddies
By Michael Moroney ’13 THE ROUNDUP After school every other Friday, a group of Brophy students drives west to Gompers Private Day School to work with intellectually and developmentally disabled students. These students are part of Brophy’s own chapter of Best Buddies, a non-profit organization that tries to engage friendships between high school students and students with disabilities. “The purpose of Best Buddies is to create lasting friendships with people…
‘Bronies’ form unique club on campus
By Alex Stanley ’12 THE ROUNDUP In the 45 minutes allotted during a normal Tuesday lunch, a group of a bit more than 10 students meet in B206 in a space where they are comfortable, even with what some may call an off-beat interest. They are themselves in the meeting, and they are supported in their interest. Among the camaraderie a visitor might hear names such as Twilight Sparkle, Celestia,…
Techno Tuesday club keeps the bass steady

By Brian D. Brannon ’11

Tuesdays are days usually filled with hurried chatter, tests being assigned and students rushing to finish assignments.

As lunch begins all of these things can be seen in virtually every part of Brophy; however, if one takes a moment and listens, he will hear the steady beat of phonological sounds drawing them in.

Those sounds are coming from the Techno Tuesday Club.

Techno Tuesday was started by alumnus Bryce Muzzy ’10 as a way for students to express themselves through rapid tempo, interesting music and dancing.