Colin Marston

Haymarket Squares blend music and activism

“Oh, oh, oh/I’ll get him hot, show him what I’ve got/Can’t read my, can’t read my/No he can’t read my poker face” – “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga.

“Don’t stop, make it pop/DJ, blow my speakers up/Tonight, I’mma fight/Until we see the sunlight/Tick tock on the clock/But the party don’t stop, no” – “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha

Nationwide protests revitalizing radical alternative to corporate avarice

By Colin Marston ’13
The Roundup

It has been three years since that period of financial abyss in 2008, and it feels like a blur.

Lehman Brothers was going bankrupt, the Dow Jones plunged 777 points in one day and there was a real possibility of systematic risk in the U.S. financial system and likewise in the world economy.

Students debate Xavier, Brophy integration

By Colin Marston ’13

Brophy acts as an all-male institution but there are some instances of where boys from Brophy interact with Xavier girls.

There are many different classes that foster the integration of Xavier and Brophy classes, including the French department at Xavier, the Latin department at Brophy, and various co-ed electives and fine arts courses offered to students at either school.

‘Hairspray’ to be a quest of dance and song

Play set to run March 17, 18 and 19

By Colin Marston ’13

Brophy’s spring musical this year, “Hairspray,” promises a big cast, big performances and big hair.

“The set looks great, and I’m ready for production,” said student director Ian White ’12.

His role in the production of the play is to write stage directions, have a part in the play’s choreograph and scavenge for the various accessories needed onstage.

Around 90 people will be performing in “Hairspray,” with around one-third composed of Brophy boys and two -thirds Xavier girls.

How do you come up with a summit topic?

By Colin Marston ’13

The Summit on Human Dignity is a wide and all-encompassing event that involves practically the entire Brophy community.

But who determines its topic every year?

Its birth starts with e-mail proposals each spring, sent to Mrs. Kim Baldwin, assistant principal for ministry in the Office of Faith and Justice.

‘Freedom’ represents moving portal onto dysfunctional present

In recent times the word freedom has become substantially meaningless.

Freedom to marry.

Freedom for the free market.

Freedom from unfettered capitalism.

Contradictions have become a basic component of our society, the white and black pictures of American exceptionalism, USSR vs. US, and the supposedly universal American Dream all fading into thoughts of yesterday.

Response to Wikileaks more important than leaks themselves

By Colin Marston ’13

U.S. government overreacts to Wikileaks, jeopardizing freedom of speech
Imagine a world where Wikileaks poses a dire threat to the United States federal government and needs to be brought down.

Imagine the results have been dramatic: abuses have been exposed and this is uncalled for.

In this make believe world the people of the United States cannot know what its government is committing and I’m calling for the immediate arraignment of Julian Assange, the head of the group, at any cost.

Xavier Gator

By Colin Marston ’13

Name and Year?

Sophie Maniaci, senior.

Whats your blood type?

I don’t know.

What is your Social security number?

I actually do know, but should I disclose that?

Movember brings cancer awareness, moustaches

By Colin Marston ’13

Between Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and elections, November is a month known for honored soldiers, poultry and politicians.

A more obscure presence on the monthly circuit is the event known as Movember.

A combination of “mo”, slang for moustache, and November, its central tenet is to raise awareness of men’s health issues through the publicity of facial hair.

Kickstarter propels artistic achievement across the web

By Colin Marston ’13

Many have lamented the process of putting profit over content in the production and funding of artistic creation.

We can see the effects of the dreaded “sell out” through the Kings of Leon’s recent transition from Southern rock and blues to arena rock on Only By The Night.

But now there seems a solution to this disillusionment.

You can now not just pay for a finished product, but take the position of being a donor for, let’s say a movie you would like to see produced, a potential book that seems interesting or a film plot line that intrigues you.