Seniors commit to athletic colleges
By Kevin Valenzuela ’13 THE ROUNDUP Eight students from the senior class of 2013 signed on at various universities for athletics on Nov. 14 in the Harper Great Hall. Landon Gagner ’13 signed on at Arizona State University for lacrosse, Gage Buness ’13 signed on at Arizona State University for lacrosse, Tyler Kertson ’13 signed on at Santa Clara for golf, Michael Westra ’13 signed on at Santa Clara for…
Students question in state or out for college

Every year at this time the thought that is on every senior’s mind is “where am I going to college?”

This year Brophy’s seniors are heading to a variety of schools in each of the four corners of the country.

But do students seem to prefer out of state schools over the institutions that are here in Arizona?

Bryan Saba ’10 is one of many students who will be attending an out-of-state school as he heads to Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Tuition increases in Arizona again

Staying in state for college might not be the bargain it once was.
The Arizona Board of Regents approved a sharp tuition hike ranging from 15.7 to 20.4 percent at all three in-state public universities.
At Arizona State University alone, state funding has been cut by 26 percent or $104 million since 2008, according to ASU News, while the University of Arizona has seen cuts of $100 million in state funds.

AP classes may make the difference at top-tier schools

Do colleges really take into account whether a student took Advanced Placement classes?

The quick answer is “yes,” but it is more complicated than that.

AP classes really only come into play when applying to a top-tier college, according to college counselors.

These colleges like to see that students have challenged themselves by taking rigorous courses throughout high school.