Roundup hopes to provide forum
By Cameron M. Bray ’16 THE ROUNDUP Hey Broncos, This is just a quick message from The Roundup letting you know how you can get your writing featured in the paper. To explain, let’s start with a question: Have you ever read an opinion column that you completely disagreed with or thought was dead wrong? Or have you ever read one that you just loved—one that you thought just spelled…
Senior Hoyt brings leadership beyond the boat
Photo provided by Brophy Crew Instagram — Chase Hoyt ’15 practices on an erg as teammate Brian Loh ’15 watches. Hoyt drawn to the community of the sport, follows in brother’s footsteps By Carter Santini ’15 THE ROUNDUP The crew team nominated Chase Hoyt ’15 as team captain at the beginning of this school year. Brian Loh ’15 is a senior and Hoyt’s friend. Loh said he has enjoyed watching…
Personal stories reveal vitality of community
Staff Editorial The Roundup  The issue: Brophy is not just a homogenous group of people, but a collection of individual students, teachers and employees.  Our stance: Appreciating the big picture is great, but sometimes, individual stories help paint a richer and more complete picture.   Though we have many things in common, each person at Brophy has a unique story to tell. Because of this, it is essential that we…
Summit’s primary goal to spark action in our community
By Joe Skoog ’13 THE ROUNDUP This year’s Summit on Human Dignity calls us to examine the opportunity gap created through economic inequality and how its effects can be seen throughout our own interactions. Through all of the speakers and workshops we gain powerful insights. It should be noted that the insights and knowledge we gain matter. They matter to us as students and they matter to the people affected…
Class of ’11 needs to step up to seniority

While many Brophy students wonder what handbook-defying shenanigans the seniors in the class of 2010 will orchestrate next, a concerned minority frets about something with bigger implications than a Saturday JUG: Can the class of 2011 effectively assume the gap in leadership, school spirit and unity that will be left by the departing seniors?

If there existed somewhere within the depths of Romley Hall a CIA-like dossier documenting the activities of each class, it is not unreasonable to conclude that the class of 2011’s would be the thickest.

Yet despite our past wrongdoings, we are now being afforded a superb opportunity to emerge from any temporary reputation and create for our class a lasting and unique legacy.

Mayasich, organ donors give the gift of life

When Robby Mayasich ’10, known as a giving and caring person his entire life, passed away he left behind a gift that would change lives.

He was an organ donor, or someone who gives their vital organs to medicine for a transplant in event of their death.

Mayasich died March 2 after he was struck by a car while running a relay race with friends several days earlier.

Family, friends, faculty gather March 8 to honor life of fallen friend

Nearly 2,000 people gathered together in St. Francis Xavier Church Monday, March 8 to say one final goodbye to Brophy senior Robby Mayasich ’10.

Mayasich died March 2 after he was struck by a car and sustained severe injuries while running the Ragnar Relay Race Feb. 27.

The church was filled to the brim with friends, family and Brophy faculty.

Mayasich remembered as ‘kind and giving spirit’

“He was who he was, always,” said Cooper Davis ’10 about his friend Brophy senior Robby Mayasich ’10. “And that is what made him so special.”

Mayasich died March 2 after he was struck by a car during a running race several days earlier. He was 18.

Friday, Feb. 26 a group of Brophy students along with others from around Arizona entered the Ragnar Relay. Ragnar is a race that starts in Prescott and ends in Mesa.