Decade of dance continues to draw listeners

When Lady Gaga told the populace to “Just Dance” in 2008, it seemed less like a suggestion and more like a command.

“Just Dance” may have well been the mantra that guided the charts in the last few years, as popular music has made a fundamental shift that caters to the nightlife.

Stricter policies hit school dance floor

By Tyler J. Scott ’12
The Roundup

Future school dances may look different than they used to—or at least look smaller.

In light of the heavily attended Hoopcoming dance Sat. Jan. 22, Brophy administrators amended the school dance policies.

“The main change in policy, really the only official change in policy, is that we’re going to start requiring guest passes just like every other school does, so, from now on, it will still just be one guest per Brophy student,” said Dean Mr. Jim Bopp. “If you want to bring somebody from outside you’re going to have to do the standard, have the guests fill it out, have their administration sign it, have their parents sign it, put down their emergency contact information, that type of thing. Then you’ll have to get that on file with the Dean’s office a week ahead the dance or so.”

Dance changes for the best, yet annoying for students

By Erik T. Masingill ’12
The Roundup

After the recent Hoopcoming dance at Brophy Saturday, Jan. 22, Dean Mr. Jim Bopp, Principal Mr. Bob Ryan and Assistant Principal for Student Activities Mr. Jeff Glosser decided to change attendance policies.

These changes may be met with frustration from students, but ultimately it is the best move.

One of these changes is that non-Brophy/Xavier students are now required to bring a filled-out guest pass with signatures from their administration and the guest’s parents along with emergency contact information.

Also, the guest will have to get his or her information onto a file in the Dean’s office a week ahead of the dance.

Student Council brings the Wild West to Homecoming

By Julian De Ocampo ’13
Last year Student Council brought students to a tropical island for Homecoming, but this year they have a different idea in mind.
Homecoming this year is going to be themed “Wild Night in the West.”

Dance policy remains unchanged despite behavior concerns

The Great Hall vibrates with the pulsating sound of the latest hit songs as students dance along.

This has been a proud tradition carried out by the Brophy/Xavier dances; providing a fun and relaxing break from the stress of school, an outlet where students can hang out with their friends, have a good time and maybe meet that special someone.

Lately the dances have been viewed as controversial because contemporary dancing styles do not match with the expectations of the administration.

N.Y. proves prominent at prom

The month of April is upon us meaning it is time for the biggest dance of the year, prom.

This year’s Brophy-Xavier Prom will be held in the Harper Great Hall April 24 from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Last year Brophy went tropical with a beach themed prom. However, this year’s prom will have a more urban inspired feel.

“The theme is going to be New York ‘Empire State of Mind’ based of the (Jay-Z) song,” said student council member Marcus Papadopoulos ’10.

Despite rain Hoopcoming attracts students from across the Valley

After a Brophy varsity basketball win over the Desert Vista Thunder, Brophy’s annual Hoopcoming was the place to be on a Friday night.

Despite light rain during the evening, students from throughout the Valley poured in to the David Graham Plaza and Harper Great Hall on Jan. 22 at around 9 p.m. to have a good time.

According to an e-mail sent out the day before Hoopcoming by Assistant Principle for Student Activities Mr. Jeff Glosser, more than 1,500 people were expected to attend the event, and more than 1,200 people had already confirmed their attendance on Facebook, one day before the event.