Students conflicted about texting and driving at legislature
By Garrison S. Murphy ’15 THE ROUNDUP Many people are concerned that a lack of a “texting and driving” ban in Arizona state legislature is putting them at risk. Multiple bills involving the texting and driving issue have been pushed through to the state senate, but not one has passed. Anti-texting and driving laws are in effect in 47 out of 50 states in the U.S leaving many Arizona residents…
City stats show 7th St., Indian School most dangerous intersection near campus
By Josh Galvin ’13 & Brett A. Mejia ’13 THE ROUNDUP There are few things scarier to a student driver than an accident. Lives are endangered, insurance rates soar and a permanent black mark appears on a newly acquired license. Yet according to Brophy Security Director Mr. John Buchanan, Brophy student drivers continue to impress him. “Our students do very well in their driving; they’re very courteous,” Mr. Buchanan said.…
Roosevelt Lake offers pristine trip

As mountain snow melts and spring arrives, the desert comes alive with wildflowers and unbelievable growth.

Arizona’s lakes are some of the most beautiful places to visit; Roosevelt Lake is no different.

Roosevelt Lake is the largest lake in Arizona, boasting 115 miles of coastline and 22,000 acres of surface water.

Road rage rages in three types of drivers on the streets

There are several types of drivers out on the roads: truck drivers, SUV drivers and compact car drivers.

I do not necessarily mean just what type of vehicle someone drives. Rather there are three different mentalities drivers fall into.

As the entire school can either drive or will drive in the next year or two, we all have to look out for these mentalities in each other and ourselves on the roads.

Teens, drivers navigate texting behind the wheel

The temptation begins.
You’re sitting with hands on the wheel in the middle of traffic when you hear the roaring vibration of your phone; in comes a new text message.
It could be your best friend asking to “chill” this weekend, possibly your dad asking in his new hip lingo “wutz up LOL?” or maybe it’s that girl you met last week who is finally texting you back.

Drop the texting, just drive please

As I hit my turn signal to switch lanes I passively check my blind spot and find the driver looking down from the wheel checking something.

Unless they are reading or playing their Nintendo DS, it is highly probable that they are texting away like there is no tomorrow.

I guess this should not bother me that much, but it does.

Do you text while driving?

As part of a news article The Roundup is writing on the subject of distracted driving for the March edition, we have included a poll to find out from the community whether or not they text while driving.