CVS responds appropriately to tobacco’s dangers, sales
By Chase L. Manson ’16 THE ROUNDUP Drug store chain CVS recently announced it was pulling tobacco products from its shelves. With CVS no longer selling cigarettes, one must wonder what has happened to the industry that once controlled the world. The product seems to be irrelevant and no longer the cool thing to do. The Centers for Disease Control  report that 18 percent of adults smoke in the United…
Economy, tax policies to play significant role in election
Teachers Talk Politics: The Economy By Ms. Kelly Guffey SPECIAL TO THE ROUNDUP The party conventions and political grandstanding are now behind us. And that means that general election season is upon us. Voters are going to be making their final choices about who they believe should lead our country. The economy is typically the No. 1 voting issue for Americans. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have both started outlining…
We Should Let the Economy Collapse
By Joe Skoog ’13 THE ROUNDUP Modern economics are all predicated upon growth as the primary indicator of success. However, this idea is incredibly flawed. Instead of stimulating the economy to grow, we should let it collapse. Firstly, it would help solve the financial crisis and allow the United States to default on their loans, thus stopping things like rising inflation rates and foreign lending because we would start with…
Seasonal sales skyrocket over records

By Josh Galvin ’13

Even in the face of economic downturn, the masses continue to indulge in excessive holiday spending.

According to figures gathered by Coremetrics, an Internet-based analytical company, November’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday hit record highs, with sales totaling $1.8 billion in these two days alone.

Black Friday is the nickname given to the Friday following Thanksgiving, and is known to be the most lucrative spending day of the entire year. Cyber Monday, typically a much more obscure shopping venture, is the following Monday.

Puebla trip offers education and experience

We went to Puebla planning to do community service work, but many of us never thought through the work we did and the people we met, we would learn about culture and realize how truly lucky and blessed we are.

On July 4 16 incoming juniors accompanied by three teachers set off to Cholula, Mexico for 10 days; thankfully, I was fortunate enough to be one of the 16 students.

The town we stayed in, Cholula, is a small city in the state of Puebla, and is located two hours south of Mexico City.

Senior wins recognition for video exposing national debt

Senior Ryan Donahue ’10 received an Honorable Mention from C-SPAN’s 2010 StudentCam competition for his video submission, entitled “The National Debt.”

This year’s StudentCam contest was to create a five to eight minute documentary on either one of our country’s greatest strengths or a challenge the country is facing.

Donahue introduced the national debt, asking students what they believe it is, and getting an explanation of it from Brophy economics teacher Ms. Kelly Guffey.

U.S. economy’s nose dive rooted in sub-prime mortage deals

Over the past few years, the economy has taken a wild course and dropped into a recession, what some economists call the worst since the Great Depression.

Although it is rather a complicated concept to understand why the economy went into a recession, there is an explanation.

Jonathon Jarvis, an interaction and media designer, managed to lay out the situation in his animated short film “The Crisis of Credit,” which can be found on YouTube.

Economic focus delivers important message

Brophy has traditionally put on a fairly good Summit.

The topics have been controversial to say the least, but this is to be expected from topics which carry such importance.

Each has also been covered very well, and stimulated much discussion and argumentation.

Summit to examine globalization and the economy

Throughout its lifetime the annual Summit on Human Dignity has engaged Brophy students in discussion about important issues, a tradition which Brophy will continue this year with the topic of globalization and the economy.

The topic is a broad one, and is intended to be that way. This is because the planners want to cover a variety of subjects over the course of the Summit, according to Assistant Principal for Ministry Mrs. Kim Baldwin, who is chairing the planning committee.