Feature Package: Student Health—a diagnosis of habits, food, exercise and lifestyle
Illustration by Miguel Montañez-Aragon ’16 – Staying healthy can concern anything from working out and eating right to sleeping well and properly treating illness. While we may consider everyday activities such as eating, hydrating, exercising and sleeping to be unimportant or regular functions, these activities can have profound effects on our health. This edition The Roundup looks at the multiple ways our lives and educational careers depend on keeping our…
Feature: 2016 Summit on Violence
Illustration by Miguel Montanez-Aragon ’16 The Summit on Human Dignity is an annual event sponsored by the Office of Faith and Justice. Running for two weeks in March, the Summit aims to focus on an issue of national importance through the lens of the Catholic faith. Featuring workshops and presentations hosted by guest, faculty and student speakers, the Summit looks  not only to identify problems related to the topic, but…
Catching Zzzzs: Examining Teen Sleep
Sleep Study: Students sleep on average 6.8 hours a night Teachers seek to maintain normal sleep schedule, balance work with rest Technology, late bedtimes contribute to daytime drowsiness Wisely planned naps show considerable benefits Restless sleep cycle causes intense struggles, bedtime panic Sleep paralysis affects body, results in waking up in panic and inability to move, speak Studies show naps improve productivity Students find sleeping, driving a dangerous combination
Student committee prepares workshops, field trips

About 20 Brophy students ranging from sophomores to seniors engage in a back and forth conversation in room K-10 in early January trying to get the last minute details ready for this year’s Summit on Human Dignity.

This group of students, officially known as the Student Summit Planning Committee, has been working hard since October to offer students a Summit they can not only relate to, but enjoy and learn from to make changes in their life.