English department utilizes online tools to help students learn
Photo Illustration by Bryce Owen ’17 | Membean is a website dedicated to building vocabulary. Brophy English teachers use the website for sophomore and junior classes. By Hayden Welty ’19 THE ROUNDUP When it comes to educational technology in the classroom, English teachers are pioneering the use of online tools, helping customize learning to different students.   No Red Ink used differently, preceded by variety of similar grammar programs After…
Students, teachers see value in all genres of education
By Austin Norville ’15 THE ROUNDUP Students tend to lean toward a certain subject when it comes to their favorite classes or extracurricular activities. “I love books and I love discussing books, but at Brophy I was kind of a math guy,” said Mr. Steve Smith ’96. “I told myself I was going to be an engineer and I took all of these advanced calculus classes. I really enjoyed my…
McShane entertains students while teaching English classes
By Brendan C. Hinkle ’16 THE ROUNDUP Most teachers make it their goal to bring a positive attitude to the classroom, but none do it like Mr. Lane McShane ’82. Mr. McShane is an English teacher for sophomores and juniors. He is currently finishing his 20th year of teaching at Brophy. “Ever since I was 14, I’ve been at Brophy and I think I almost live here,” Mr. McShane said.…
SparkNotes and Wikipedia should be secondary sources, teachers say

Useful information can be found with due diligence

By Colin M. Prenger ’11

When students are assigned a book for English class, some may turn to summary websites to alleviate the potential stress of a challenging and lengthy read.

Brophy’s English Department demands critical analysis of novels and high quality, detailed writing – which could explain why some turn to summary websites.