Return to Rapture, but don’t expect much else

Back in 2007, 2K Games, developers of the “System Shock” series, created a spiritual successor called “Bioshock” that invited gamers to visit the underwater city of Rapture.

Swapping the vast enormity of space for the depths of the sea, what 2K Games created was a deeply atmospheric experience. Now under a new developer, 2K Marin, Rapture has returned to enchant players once again in the new multi-system game “Bioshock.”

The story takes place years after the original game. Rapture has fallen deeper into deterioration, and now that the founder Andrew Ryan is gone, a new villain named Sophia Lamb has stepped in.

The Noise

“The Noise” is a new feature in The Roundup created as a forum for all things music.

Every month writers Quinn McGovern ’12 and Kevin Cabano ’12 will review bands, new songs or emerging artists.

Is there a Brophy band you would like to see reviewed? E-mail your suggestions to The Noise at roundup@brophyprep.org.

Cavnar-Lewandowski wins poetry contest and will go to state

Walking into the Black Box Theater for the first annual Poetry Out Loud contest, a poetry enthusiast might expect to see just a handful of students.

This was not the case in January when, there were 30-40 Brophy students crowded into the Black Box Theater.

Brophy’s first ever Poetry Out Loud poem recitation contest took place on Jan. 20 and Jan. 21.

NBC pulls the plug on Conan O’Brien

The last episode of the “Tonight Show” with Conan O’Brien aired Jan 22 on NBC.

Due to Jay Leno not doing well on his own primetime show, NBC tried to move O’Brien back into a later time slot instead of the regular 10:35 time slot.

However, instead of moving the “Tonight Show” to 12:05 A.M., O’Brien instead resigned.

Mi Patio serves Americanized Mexican food

Mi Patio is a Mexican restaurant located on the southeast corner of Osborn and 7th Avenue.

It provides pretty good food for a fairly reasonable price.

The decor inside of Mi Patio leaves much to be desired. It is annoyingly “Mexi-Kitch.” What I mean by this is that the walls are painted to look like cracked adobe and the ceiling is covered in fake, hanging tropical birds, some wearing sombreros.