Facebook not dying, just paving social media paths
By Cameron M. Bray ’16 The Roundup Facebook is the sun of the Internet. Everything gravitates around it. Constantly it expands. Immense in size. Dying gradually like it? No. Many speculate that Facebook is dying. It is not; it is growing. Facebook currently holds the highest amount of users ever. On Aug. 26. 2008, just three years after its creation, Facebook reached 100 million users, announced Mark Zuckerburg—CEO of Facebook—through…
It Came From the Internet

Sure, there’s Facebook and Farmville on the Internet, but how many useful websites do you have on your favorites bar?

Here are just a few useful websites that will get your favorites bar in better condition.

Facebook, Internet privacy becomes public record

The beginning of the 21st century has often been hailed as the Age of Information, but it begs the question of just whose information it is the age of.
With the increasing prevalence of social networking Web sites, a large amount of previously private information is now being made accessible and shared on the Internet.
“The first thing we want everyone to understand about the Internet is that it’s all public domain,” said Brophy Dean Mr. Jim Bopp about the Internet at large.

Internet provides solution for privacy problems

The expansion of the Internet’s user base and sharing capability has brought with it many benefits, but also many concerns.

One of the biggest we’ve seen is that of privacy.

This concern has been exacerbated by the large expansion in the use of social networking sites like Facebook.

Facebook users share 5 times more often in last 6 months

“I use Facebook every day,” typed Greg Ali ’12 and Christopher Frame ’12 in an interview conducted on the social networking site.

“It allows for communication in a way I’ve never experienced before,” Ali added.

According to the Web site “All Facebook,” Facebook users, now in the 400 millions, share five times more than they did six months ago, bringing the average status amount to 12 per week.

Facebook for your K-9

Are you lacking in social networking sites?

Myspace was two years ago, and maybe you’re bored with your Facebook page.

Did you ever wonder if your pets would like something like Facebook? Dogster.com is the answer to your doggone problems.

The Roundup covers school news, sports with status updates and tweets

With most newspapers now online and even more newspapers closing their doors, it is a time of change within the journalism community.

In light of these changes, here at The Roundup we have made some changes of our own.

This year we have put a greater focus on technology and have made several significant advancements in our online distribution.

Facebook captivates the world−in a storm drain

According to a recent story in The Week, there were two girls in South Australia that found themselves stuck in a storm drain.

However, realizing they had their cell phones, the girls used their quick thinking and good judgment and decided on the best course of action: updating their Facebook statuses.